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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Flexiroam - Your Mobile Roaming Saver!

Flexiroam is the mobile phone service provider (for roaming) from Malaysia that can save your oversea high roaming charges which I experienced it on my recent Bali's trip.
The configuration is simple as you log into their website with free sign up, then buy the credit. The credit will be never expired. Example you can buy 7 days (ONLY RM10 per day) credit and if you only use 4 days for your trip, the balance 3 days will be remain in your account until your next activation. It has NO Expiry date! (which stated) This is Great!

I followed the instruction on the simple guide before aboard at the airport, then sent another SMS from the local Bali's Cell phone service provider after I touched down Bali's Airport, That simple!
Whoever call me from my Malaysia number will be diverted to my Indonesia number! So I won't MISS any call at all and avoided all the High Roaming charges!
If I want to call any number in Malaysia, I just send a SMS with the number I need to call to the 'gateway' (provided by them), the charges will be local call! (I'm using Celcom Flat Rate) Sound easy? Yes, just a few click on the cellphone!

Well, after I experienced for few days...this are my comments :-

1)  Hopefully Flexiroam can provide more simple configuration, because I miss 1 step during the setting. (especially for those peoples who are not familiar)
2)  There were some delay during the conversation (understood cos it's VOIP) which due to the high latency, not sure it was because of the Malaysia or Indonesia service provider. Yet to improve...
3)  I followed the instruction from the guide but couldn't make a call from it. It was not successful. I had no idea about it...
4)  I wish they can provide the 'call history' in my account.

But the technical support from Flexiroam was EXCELLENT!! I sent an email to the technical support almost midnight during my trip, and they replied within 30 minutes! I'm really satisfied with it!

If you want to save the High Roaming Charges and can bear with the little delay, Please sign up with Flexiroam!

I will try it again on my next oversea trip!

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