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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Checheng Train Station (車埕火車站), Taichung - Taiwan

Checheng (車埕) town (N23.83384 E120.86641) is situated along our way to Sun Moon Lake. Our driver suggested to drop us here for photography session, and Yes! It was a beautiful small town!
This small town make us felt like walked into a 'time machine' that brought us back to the 50s...beside that, it has a rich history about the Last Train Station of Jiji (集集) Railway Line.

Our first visit was the Logging Museum, logging industry ushered the prosperity of the small town in the 40s - 50s. Too bad, we were late and the Museum was Just closed! What a Miss!

Logging Museum of Checheng Town

So I just snapped some photos of the Museum from the fence....

The Cafe in the Museum

We were attracted by a Enzyme and Wine shop which build by timber opposite the Museum, end up...we all bought a box of Enzyme. :)

Do you notice the old weighing machine beside the entrance? The Enzyme Shop

Friendly lady boss of the shop

Let me share some photos around the small town below...

In case you are lost...

Cafe which build by timber

The Police Station of Checheng

The restaurant, Homestay and the Brewery in one building.

The lane in the small town, Clean!
One of the cafe along the lane, but it was closed...

This small town was calm and peaceful, located nearby the Sun Moon Lake...according to our driver, the town will full of visitors and tourists on the weekend or public holiday. There's a tourist train to take passengers from Checheng Train Station to another tourist attraction nearby, but Not that day we visited. Too bad!

Below is the Historical Train Station of Che Cheng. The station was collapsed during the 921 Earthquake, and it was re-built by the Sun Moon Lake Tourism.

The whole station was build by timber

I like the buildings here very much! Because mostly constructed by timber...

The stage for some small musical function during the weekend

"The Checheng railway tracks have witnessed the construction of the hydropower station as well as the rise and fall of the logging industry at the Danda Forestry District. Now all we can see from those days are the coal platform, water tower, signal towel, and a few other pieces of old equipment that provide a nostalgic glimpse into those long-gone days.

The coal platform allowed workers to load coal onto the steam engines, and the unusual design of the stairs facilatied the carrying of coal up to the platform more easily and safely. The water tower provided for the transfer of water through a rubber hose into the engine's tank; from its resemblance to the long beak of the crane, it was called the "water crane".

The signal tower was moved here from Jhunan Station; in the old days, it displayed signals telling engineers how to proceed along the tracks. The old sawmill that was used to process logs has been renovated, bringing back from those early times memories that are reinforced by the workers' dormitories, other wooden structures and brick-walled, tile-roofed houese along the old streets."- by the Tourism.

The water tower with the "unusual stairs" and the coal platform. Signal tower was across the railway and the Hydropower Station at the back.

The Locomotive.

Do you know how to handle this machine?

And from the railway tracks...

We hanged around this beautiful small town for about an hour and continued our journey to Sun Moon Lake.
I wish I can put a night here in my next trip to Taiwan...

The Locomotive at Checheng Train Station (車埕火車站)

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Location Map of Checheng Small Town, Taichung - Taiwan

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