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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sun Moon Lake Of Taiwan (日月潭)

It was a sunny morning at Sun Moon Lake, after our breakfast at Miracolo Hotel, all out us 'Ran' out the hotel to take the beautiful photo of The Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan!
The sky was So Blue and the Sun was shine on us! What a Nice weather!

You can compare my the other photo in the Miracolo Hotel and the photo below...you can visualize the Big different when we arrived the night before...

Most of the signage in Sun Moon Lake are using Solar panel for the supply, and I noticed there were many Surveillance Cameras cover the Sun Moon Lake area.

The Solar Panel and the Surveillance Cameras in front of Miracolo Hotel

The lamp pole in Sun Moon Lake all decorated with the Sun & Moon symbols

What a Scenic View of Sun Moon Lake! Look at the Blue Sky!

The lake was So calm and the sky was Blue...PARADISE! At least to me...

We found the pathway to the lake site, the area was very well maintained. It was a nice place to have a morning walk along the lake...

The pathway along the lake...

We were very busy taking photos of the Beautiful scenery.

Syuan Kuang Temple and the Pagoda on the left.

Syuan Kuang Temple at the other side of the lake which we going to visit shortly...

Some kind of beacon during the night, I'm not sure what was that for?!

Special insect spotted along the pathway...

After about 45 minutes, we said goodbye (sadly) to Miracolo Hotel and we proceed to our next destination - Shuishe Pier for our Lake Cruise.

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