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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Syuanguang Temple (玄光寺) at Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

Syuanguang Temple (N23.85179 E120.91359) was the First destination of the Sun Moon Lake cruise. It's located at about 800 meter above sea level.

Syuanguang Temple Pier

The entrance to Syuanguang Temple.

Once we stepped into the entrance, there were many peoples queuing for the Famous 'Herbal Egg' (茶叶蛋)! I told myself, I'll try it later when we back to the Pier....
Clear signage in front of us, and you will Never lost within the area...

"The Syuanguang Temple Pier is the starting point for the 850 meter Cinglong Mountain Hiking Trail. Follow the steps upward, you will reach the Syuanguang Temple; continue onward, and you will get to Syuanzang Temple. This trail is also called "Pilgrim's Trail" because of the large numbers of religious devotees who take boats to the pier to worship at the two temples."

Got to climb before the temple...

The Syuanguang Temple (玄光寺)

I didn't step into the temple, because it was small and many devotees around...there were many peoples queue up in front of the temple too, it was because of everyone want to take photo with the Landmark - Sun Moon Lake Stone Craft.

Outside of the temple

The Stone where every tourist like to take photo with it!

I found this part was somehow interesting!

Beside the temple, the place also is a Nice spot to view the Sun Moon Lake...sharing some photos around the area...

The Scenery view of Sun Moon lake, Lalu island in the middle of the lake...

After the temple, we saw the trail behind...it is the Cinlong Mountain Trail. We explored the trail and try to see any surprises...

Flowers before the trail...

The well maintained ascending trail...to Cinlong Mountain

Along the way, this were what we saw...

We stopped halfway and didn't continue the trail because of the Hot weather, and we decided to save our time to Ita-Thao Village in our next destination.

If you visit Sun Moon Lake in the tight schedule, you can actually skip this temple. For us, it was nothing much over here...

While we running down to the jetty to catch the ferry and...I forgot to buy the Famous Herbal Egg! Damn! What a miss!

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Location map of Syuanguang Temple, Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

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