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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grand Victoria Hotel (維多麗亞酒店) at Neihu, Taipei - Taiwan

Grand Victoria Hotel (維多麗亞酒店) (N25.08412 E121.55863) is located at corner of Jing Ye 4th Road of Neihu, Taipei. We check in to the hotel once we reached Taipei from Taichung.

Grand Victoria Hotel, Taipei

"The building is a fusion of classic Victorian architecture of the 19th century with contemporary elements of the 21st century."

I was attracted by the English-styled clock tower on the left of the building, it continue to change colour during night time...
We will stay here for 2 nights before we leave Taiwan. Too bad I don't have time to explore the hotel facility and others area.

The Lobby area of Grand Victoria Hotel

Once we settle at the front desk, we got to put all our luggage in the room and our driver was waiting to bring us to Shilin Night Market for our dinner.

Let me show you the room...

One King Bed

It was good enough for us to share the King bed...

The table in the room...

Some complimentary coffee and tea as usual...

But Suddenly we noticed the washroom was decorated with Glass! Which you can see through the washroom! OH! Man! We going to have problem! I will feel Very uneasy when another guy looking at me while showering?! Haha!

The view of the bathroom from the room

Nice bathtub, but I will not enjoy it if another guy is watching! Haha!

After 10-20 minutes searching, we finally found there was a switch beside the table...once 'Press', there were 2 vinyl curtain sliding down...OH! That solve the problem...!

The buttons below the table...(before that you can see the bed form the bathroom)

The curtain covered up the whole bathroom after pressed the button...

The view from the room...

After solved the 'bathroom' problem, I took some photos outside the hotel area...I like the clock tower very much...

Take note the colour of the clock tower...

We were satisfied with the friendly staffs here, hotel is Clean and smoking is Not allow in the hotel area. I noticed this was the Only hotel where every staffs be able to speak English. That was Great! The breakfast served on morning also good enough. It was a pleasant stay for us.

If you like know more about the Hotel, please click their official website below...

Grand Victoria Hotel
No. 168, Jing Ye 4th Road,
Taipei 104, Taiwan
Tel : +886-2-8502-0000   Fax : +886-2-8502-0005

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Location map of Grand Victoria Hotel at Taipei, Taiwan

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