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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Xin Tian Yuan Restaurant (新田园) at Taichung, Taiwan

After we left Sun Moon Lake and drove passed Taichung, we simply stop by this restaurant for our lunch...cause we were starving...!
The Xin Tian Yuan Restaurant (新田园) (N23.90334 E120.92783) is just located at one of the intersection of YuChi street.

The restaurant was empty when we visited, I guess because the lunch time had over...our driver heard the drum's sound of our stomach and ordered for us Immediately!

The restaurant had very simple setup, no fancy decoration and without air-conditional.
Luckily, the foods served on our table very fast! Everyone just enjoy the foods silently...:)

Deer meat


Shrimps cooked with chili

Vegetables (I forgot the name of it)


Steam Fish

All foods were nice and tasty! We like the cooking method of Taiwan very much because they won't cook it too oily! Especially the Unexpected nice and simple fried rice! Yes...we had it Double! All of us satisfied with the foods! Thumbs Up!

If you visit this restaurant, you cannot miss the Fried Rice!

Once we finished our lunch, we said bye-bye to Taichung...and continue our journey...

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Location map of Xin Tian Yuen Restaurant, Taichung - Taiwan

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