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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interactive video by SAMSUNG Microsite

Have you ever try the Interactive video from SAMSUNG site? (http://bit.ly/pa8JrF). It's fun! Click on the link provided and take note the "Click Here" button on the page, then fill in the empty box on the left bottom corner...yes! Any words you like, and see how's the video react! Haha!

The Samsung Microsite

Beside this fun interactive video, you can also submit your interesting video taken by SAMSUNG Galaxy SII, and who know your video might be the One who use for SAMSUNG next campaign! Do it now by click on the link : http://bit.ly/pa8JrF

Have you take any video by this phone before? It will be appreciate if you can share it.

Key-in any word you like to see how's the video react. (The Red arrow)

I did some video shooting on my GALAXY S and it's be able to produce a decent video clip...and I confident with the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII can even provide much better clip because of the Full HD feature. SAMSUNG Galaxy SII equipped with 8mb camera and be able to take FULL HD movie (1080p@30fps), that really produce nice and excellent video clips whenever you go! 

Just imagine that you carry a Full HD Video camera with you everyday - 24 hours that you Won't miss out any Precious moment around you, Great! :) Try it to Believe it!

I will try to shoot some videos by using the SAMSUNG Galaxy SII and will be post on this blog next week, do visit it and give some comments. Thanks.

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