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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

FULL HD Video by The Light and Sexy - Samsung Galaxy SII

The SAMSUNG Galaxy SII Smartphone is also A Full HD (1080p@30fps) Video Recorder. It allow you to carry the video recorder anywhere you go because it's so light & sexy!

This was one of my dream many years ago, that I can carry A camera + video camera with me anywhere I travel, even every phone capable to capture video, the quality is Not as good as the Samsung Galaxy SII, it's all because of the Full HD Recording.

There are some video taken by Samsung Galaxy SII below....take a look...

Travel with Galaxy SII

I wish one day some talented peoples will just use the GALAXY SII to shoot a whole 1 hour 30 minutes movie! That will be GREAT!
Have you try to shoot a video with your GALAXY SII before? Do it now and upload to the site http://bit.ly/pa8JrF. Don't bury your talent! Please upload and share with everyone, you might be the lucky one if your video use it for the next SAMSUNG campaign!


The Galaxy SII with the Full HD Video Camera will be the good point to motivate you to start a simple video shooting, even I'm not good in video shooting, but I just can't stop myself to press on the 'Record' button once I hold the phone! Haha!

Beside the Excellent Video from the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII, it's also a powerful phone to complete your daily task. So...once it complete your important task, don't forget to try on a short video shooting and share with us! :)

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