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Friday, October 07, 2011

Mooncake Festival Party @ Macroview Care Centre

Time flies....I was attended the Mooncake Festival Party at Macroview Care Centre again! The respond is getting better and better compare with the previous year. The centre was packed with peoples even around 6pm.

The parents were having their foods and waiting for the Party to begin!

The party started with the simple workout of a group of children...

The two young MC of the night...

Piano performance...
Many of them can play very well...

The young pretty teachers of the centre...(below)

And also the satisfied smile from the Principle - Mr Tan (below)

The shows continued with groups and groups children on the stage...they had the singing, dancing, telling the story, ballet, magic performance, diabolo performance, Pop dance and also parents performance.

Youngest children in the centre


Story telling...

Ballet performance

"Nobody" Dance!

In within the performance, the teachers also presented the Encouragement Award to the children.

Encouragement Award

Then the shows continue...

Pop Dance

Diabolo Performance

Diabolo Performance - The Moment!

Group performance

Little Magic show...

And at last, the teachers performance!

Teachers Performance!

After 3-4 hours show, the party came into the candles session where I like the most every time I visit Macroview Care Centre Mooncake Festival.
All the children found their comfort place and started to light up the candles one-by-one...the whole area was quiet down and I felt the same atmosphere every year...Peace!

Cute little boy lighted up his candles.

Candles session...

The session last for about 1 hour more, that end the Mooncake Festival Party 2011 at Macroview.

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