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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Malioboro Restaurant (Pressurized Cooked Chicken) at Bali Island, Indonesia

Malioboro Restaurant (S8.73838 E115.17065) is located along Jalan Raya Kediri of Kuta - Bali Island. Which was our first stop and only about 1KM away from the Airport. It was also the place we met Mr Agung and he recommended this restaurant to us.

The area was nice with simple setup with the good service.

The Malioboro Restaurant

We placed our order immediately with the recommendation from Mr Agung...

*  Pressurized Chicken (Non-spicy and spicy) (Signature Dish)
*  Peanuts Omelette (Non-spicy and spicy) (Signature Dish)
*  Special fish (Signature Dish)
*  Steam fish
*  The local Sambal Anchovies with petai
For 7 persons and 1 child.

The Pressurized Chicken - Signature dish (non-spicy)


The Pressurized Chicken - Signature dish (spicy)

The Peanuts Omelette (spicy)

Special Signature Fish

It was boneless!

Steam fish

The local Sambal Anchovies with petai

All the dishes served was Delicious! We were very satisfied and enjoy the meal especially the Unique Chicken and Fish. Appreciated by the recommendation from Mr Agung.
The Damage was about 450,000.00 Rupiah (MYR160.00) for 7 adults and 1 child. Reasonable!

It was because we will take about 1 hour 30 minutes from Kuta to Ubud, therefore it's advise to take our dinner here before we start the journey...

I will visit it again on my next trip to Bali if time allow...

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Location map of Malioboro Restaurant at Bali Island, Indonesia.

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