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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Eleven Bistro and Restaurant at Jalan Hang Lekir of Jonker Street (Jln Hang Jebat), Melaka

Eleven Bistro and Restaurant (N2.196524 E102.246022) is located at Jalan Hang Lekir which is just about 200 meter from Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) of Malacca and they serve Portuguese Cuisine and western food. We going totake our dinner here after tasting the dessert from Uncle Keong Delicacies.

Eleven Bistro and Restaurant

The restaurant will turn into Bistro after 10pm everyday...

Ground floor dining area

One of the bar counter

The bistro area

Nice decoration and I like the setting...

Our dining area was at the 1st floor, and everything had been arranged nicely. The owner of the Eleven Bistro & Restaurant and Unlce Keong Delicacies are the same and they were one of the sponsor for the event.

The dining area at 1st floor

The area is spacious enough for more than 30 persons of our group.

Before the dinner serve, we finished the drinks on the table due to the Hot weather...

Grape juice was served on the table...

The appertizers

About 30 minutes later, the first dish served on our table was the cucumber with sambal.

We like the sambal very much!

Then follow by Spicy Mee Goreng (Fried noodle).

The Spicy Mee Goreng

The noodle was ok but too spicy until you can't really taste the noodle...

The Gula Melaka (Palm sugar) Chicken Wings on the next...

Gula Melaka Chicken Wings

The chicken wings were Special and Unique! That made the First 'WOW' among us!

Portuguese Deep Fried Squid

The deep fried squid was average, just like normal fried squid where we can have it in some seafood restaurant...

Portuguese Sambal Prawns

Portuguese Sambal was rather Unique compare with normal sambal...

The Fried Kangkong (local spinach) was normal...

Portuguese Special Curry Dable Chicken

The Curry Dable Chicken was Nice and Delicious! We like the gravy very much! Again, it was a special and a totally new curry taste to us!

Portuguese Baked Fish

The sambal and the gravy of the Portuguese Baked Fish was Nice but...too bad, the fish didn't manage well with muddy taste...

And lastly, the Portuguse Sambal Crab...

Portuguese Sambal Crab

Well, I have to say it again...I like the Portuguese Sambal very much! And the crabs were fresh!

During our dinner, I noticed one of us using chopsticks to enjoy his crab. Hmm...I learned a new method that day...haha!

Enjoying crab by using chopsticks...

Overall, I like the Portuguese Sambal. Most of the Portuguese dishes are spicy...as mentioned by Mr Lex earlier. Among all the dishes, the Gula Melaka Chicken Wings turned out to be the most Delicious Portuguese food on that evening! And the sambal...:)

Initially, we thought we might not able to finish all dishes which well presented on the table...but after an hour, there were only empty plates left on the table...

If you strolling along Jonker Street, just drop by and try some Portuguese Cuisine of Malacca which is different from the normal dishes that we have everyday...

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Eleven Bistro and Restaurant
11, Jalan Hang Lekir of Jonker Street,
75200 Melaka,
Tel : +606-2820011

Location map of Eleven Bistro & Restaurant at Jln Hang Lekir of Jonker Street, Malacca

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