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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Durian Party at Silka Hotel, Johor Bahru

I was invited to Silka Hotel (N1.52325 E103.81232) at Johor Bahru for the 'Durian Party' on one of the Tuesday evening. That was my first visit to the hotel...

Silka Hotels is a value hotel brand by Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited, a fast-growing hotel chain operating in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore. The Silka Hotel (formally known as Dorsett Hotel) at Johor Bahru is located along Jalan Masai Baru and in the vicinity of 2 Hypermarts (Tesco and Giant) which is very convenience, and it's just next to Pasir Gudang Highway which connected to the North South Expressway of Peninsular Malaysia.

Main entrance of Silka Hotel

The hotel is renovated from a block of Prima Regency Apartment, the design is small in space but fully equipped and comfortable. The lobby area was cozy and accompany by the white orchids around...

The Lobby of Silka Hotel

When I reached the hotel, it was still early...after registered, an Orchid's welcome drink was served. I took the change to snap around the lobby and the coffee house area...

An Orchid's welcome drink from Silka Hotel

The Coffee House of Silka Hotel, Johor Bahru

Nice Deco of the coffee house...

Once the VIPs arrived, the event party started at the Kapitan Corner of the hotel,  it was half sheltered and with the alfresco dining area...

The sheltered area of Kapitan Corner

The opening speech from Ms Christina Toh (Area General Manager of Kosmopolito Hotels International).

Ms Christina Toh (Area General Manager of Kosmopolito Hotels International)

Follow by Mr. Philip Schaetz (Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Kosmopolito Hotels International) and Ms Christina cut and open the Durian...

Mr. Philip Schaetz and Ms Christina Toh

Mr Philip had the First Durian on the party!

After Mr Philip had the First Durian on that evening, the Party began! I was surprised! Not many Caucasian like Durian because fo the strong odour.

Many other foods available on that evening, most of them served with Durian's flavour.

The Chef from Silka Hotel who prepared all the Durian's snacks and 'kuih'.

Closer look...

All Durians were available at the outdoor area which was the main spot of that evening...

Many type of Durians available, D24 and etc...

Too bad the Musang King was not available...

Everyone was busy looking for their Favorite Durian's food...

Next to the Durian 'stall', I found the Delicious Durian's spring roll stall...

The Durian's spring roll stall

They even prepared and cook it on the spot...it was Nice Durian spring roll for the night! I like it very much!

Prepared and cooked on the spot

The Durian's spring roll

The Durian flavour 'Roti Prata' stall was the last...I had one of it, Nice!

The making of Durian Roti Prata

Beside all the Durian's food, there were also some local foods served with rice. I tried the Rendang chicken which was flavourful!

The local food - Fried Chicken


My first round of Durian's food...

Top : Durian's Roti Plata, Left bottom : Durian's Spring roll (favorite), Right bottom : Durian's pancake and chicken

The games started during the party, well...I was not lucky enough to grab any prizes! Haha! But the prizes were generously sponsored by Kosmopolito Hotels & Dutch Lady.

Once I finish the first round, I started to taste different Durians one-by-one...

All Durians were Fresh and Nice! I prefer those with a little bitter taste and D24...how about you?


The fresh Durians of that night were sponsored by Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority(Fama).

The representative from the Durian's sponsor having a short speech

The Management planning to having the Durians Party yearly during the Durian's season. And the event is exclusive by invitation only. But Silka Hotel just had a Durian Feast Hi-Tea Buffet on the 7th & 8th July 2012 (2pm-6pm) for the Durian Lovers, beside the fruits there were also serving Durian Cheese Cake, Durian Bread and Butter Pudding, Wajik Durian, Dodol Durian, Pulut Putih Durian, Serawa Durian, Bubur Cacar Durian, and many more durian specialties!

Another package offered by the Hotel was 'Durian Fest Package',  which includes overnight accommodation in a deluxe room, complimentary breakfast for two adults and two children below 10-years-old, two Durian Fest High-Tea vouchers for 7 July or 8 July, and complimentary shuttle bus service to Johor Premium Outlets with cost of SGD95.00 nett.

If you missed it this year, don't miss it again! Take note on next year Durian package offer by Silka Hotel during the Durian season!

It was a Awesome Durian Party organized by Silka Hotel, thanks Mr Christpher Tan (Communication Manager) who invite me to the Party.

Durian in Wikipedia.

Silka Hotel Johor Bahru
Lot 101375, Jalan Masai Lama
Mukim Plentong, 81750 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607-360 1000
Fax: +607-360 5000
Email: info.johor@silkahotel.com

Location map of Silka Hotel at Johor Bahru.

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