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Monday, July 16, 2012

Famous Stuffed Crab at Tong Juan Restaurant (东源酿蟹餐室) - Chukai Kemaman, Terengganu.

Before we drive back to Johor Bahru from Legend Resort Cherating on the Media FAM 2012 trip, I decided to drove to Chukai - Kemaman for the Famous Stuffed Crab at Tong Juan Restaurant (N4.23150 E103.42813).

The journey Only took us 15 minutes drive from Cherating to the restaurant, it was 3pm in the afternoon and the lunch hour had pass...so the restaurant just left one table of customers...

Tong Juan Restaurant at Chukai - Kemaman.

It's actually a 70s old fashion type of kopitiam...I like the classic look, especially the chairs...

The 70s type of restaurant interior...

We already had our lunch at the Resort, our main purpose here was to try out the Famous Stuffed Crab. I heard about the stuff crab decades ago, therefore we have to try it since we already so close to it...!

Beside the stuffed crab, there are som many singature dishes serve by the restaurant...well, I will definitely try it on my next visit...

Other dishes serve by Tong Juan Restaurant

We ordered four stuffed crab, having one in the restaurant and 3 take away...

It looked abit weird by presenting Only one crab shell on the plate?! Haha!

The Stuffed Crab of Tong Juan Restaurant

The dish was unique and special!
They filled up the shell with crab meat mixed with some vegetables and cover by a layer of eggs with a nice aroma of butter...deep fried to perfection.

Filled up with crab meat and vege...

The dish goes well with rice, because it taste a bit salty. But we can't take any rice with it due to the heavy lunch from the Resort...Anyway, I'm satisfied with the unique taste! And it cost only RM8 per stuffed crab, reasonable and worth to try!

If I'm not mistaken, Tong Juan was the first restaurant to serve the Stuffed Crab since the earlier 80s, and the Famous dish is well known through out the region. Nowadays, you can find a few restaurants around the same area selling the same dish...

I will suggest you to visit the restaurant if you having vacation at Cherating, because the nice dish is just about 20 km away!

The Famous Stuffed Crab of Tong Juan Restaurant, Chukai.

Location map of Tong Juan Restaurant at Chukai Kemaman, Terengganu.

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