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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Famous snack - Keropok Lekor around Cherating, Kuantan - Pahang.

Once we checked out from The Legend Resort Cherating, we did some shopping on the local foods at Chiang Kee stall (N4.02990 E103.39848) along the Cherating main road...follow by hunting for our favorite 'Keropok Lekor' around the area...

Keropok Lekor is the kind of snack which made from the fish with mixture of salt and flour.The snacks are high in protein because of the fish and famous at Terengganu area - East Cost of Malaysia.

At first, we stopped at this little stall (N4.06262 E103.38995) along the road, we unexpectedly grab 'all' Keropok in this stall! Before I had my share...Oh! My goodness!

The Keropok Lekor stall along the main road

Then we saerched for another stall (Cap Kren Stall N4.09474 E103.38220) which was about 200 meter away and grab the balance...everyone was happy! We bought 2 packs which cost MYR20.00, each of it has 10 sticks.

The lady wrap it nicely...

There are 2 types of Keropok Lekor available, the one at above was steam and the other type is deep fried. I would prefer the deep fried type because of the crispyness! :)

The deep fried type of Keropok Lekor

Sometimes I saw this snacks are also available around Johor area, but I never try it...but my teammates said it will be fresh and delicious at Cherating or Terengganu area compare with others states in Malaysia...what do you think?! :)

Do drop by and buy some of it if you pass by Cherating, you might like the fish taste of it! :)

Location map of the Keropok Lekor stall at Cherating, Kuantan - Pahang.

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