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Monday, November 26, 2012

My Cameron Highlands Trip on November 2012

We visited Cameron Highlands at Pahang again on the 2nd week of November 2012. This was our first time visit the highlands almost year end, just to feel the cold and relax...

I purposely drove through the Simpang Pulai Toll and via the wider road to CH that took additional 'One hour' journey compare with the Tapah road...total of 6 hours+ drive included rest time from Muar, Johor.

Our itinerary as below :-

Day 1
*  Check in to Rosa Passadena Hotel, Brinchang.
*  Free and easy at Tanah Rata.
*  Dinner at Hong Kong Restaurant, Tanah Rata.
Brinchang night market.
*  Rest...

Day 2
*  Simple breakfast at Hotel
Butterfly Farm, Brinchang.
Sungai Palas BOH Tea Centre.
*  Simple lunch at Uncle Chow Kopitiam, Tanah Rata
Big Red Strawberry Farm, Brinchang.
*  Dinner at Mountain House Charcoal Steamboat, Brinchang.
*  Rest...

Day 3
*  Visit Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, Brinchang.
*  Check out from Rosa Passadena Hotel, Brinchang.
*  Lunch at Water Cress Valley Restaurant
*  Bye-bye Cameron Highlands!

We had a wonderful vacation on Cameron Highlands this time even the climate not as cold as expected. It was relax and easy holiday for us without heavy traffic congestion. Never forget we had the 'best' Teh Tarik (our preference) at Brinchang, love the different dining experience at Water Cress Valley Restaurant, also realized that not 'all' charcoal steamboats at Cameron Highlands are good...haha!

Too bad the Restaurant SKG had closed down...and we missed the chance to visit the Famous My Lord's Cafe...both located at Tanah Rata.

We just simply Love the cool air (even not as cold as those days...) and the climate on the Highlands. We will try our very best to visit the highlands every year. Do you? :)


History of Cameron Highlands

"In 1885,William Cameron, a government Surveyor, discovered a plateau at an elevation of 4500 -5600 feet above sea level.He then brought this part of Pahang into History,thus naming it the Cameron Highlands. From 1896 - 1902, the narrow path to the Highlands was widened and improved.Meanwhile surveys were carried out to identify the actual plateau in this area. In 1925, Sir George Maxwell paid a visit and its was then decided that the Cameron Highlands,which is situated in the present Tanah Rata and Brinchang areas, be developed into a Hill Station. Between 1926 - 1931 this area was zoned into areas reserved for the Department of Agriculture,Township and Residential Sites, Aras of Services , National Park ,General Adminstration and Recreational areas. After the Japanese occupation interest to develop further was revived but progress until the 1960s was hindered due to Emergency.After the termination of the Emergency,the Hill Station was carefully developed into a popular resort which not only attracted local tourists but overseas tourists as well."
Source from Here.

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