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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Package at MaMa Nyonya Restaurant, Taman Molek - Johor Bahru.

MaMa Nyonya Restaurant (N1.52412 E103.78532) will having the CNY Nyonya Reunion Dinner package this year which is different from Chinese food as we normally have it elsewhere. We were the fortunate group for taste it before the Chinese New Year, thanks to the owner of restaurant.

As usual, the first dish will be the colourful Nyonya Salmon Yu-Shang...

Nyonya Salmon Yu-Shang from MaMa Nyonya Restaurant

And will follow by the voices..."Huat ah! Huat ah!"


The second dish was - Nyonya Hot/Cold Dish

Nyonya Cold Dish

And the cold dish was consisted by ..

Assorted Bean Curd Roll

Fried Yam in Sesame Sauce

Deep-fried Pandan Chicken


Stir fried lotus roots

Special and tasty!

The third dish - Nyonya Sauce Steam Fish...

Nyonya Sauce Steam Fish

The fish was steamed to the perfect timing! The flesh was juicy! Everyone like it very much!

The fourth dish - Nyonya Assam Prawns

Nyonya Assam Prawns

The prawns were nice with the Nyonya Assam recipe.

The fifth dish - Chicken in Assorted Herbs

Chicken with assorted herbs

The chicken was succulent, even I took the brest and the bite was still juicy enough! Not dry like others...


The sixth dish - Kale with White Shimeji Mushroom and Scallop


The kale was not over cooked with tenderness and scallop was nice! I missed the Shimeji mushroom, because I'm too slow...:)


The seventh dish - Fish maw chicken soup


The meat ball in the soup was the mixeture of chicken and prawn, Nice!

The mixture of chicken and prawn ball

The eighth dish - Nasi Ulam

Nasi Ulam

These was my first time trying Nasi Ulam, kind of like the taste of the rice and it served in cold...

The last dish was the dessert - Glutinuos Rice Ball Soup


And this situation happened since 'first' dish till the 'last' dessert...we won't feel tired of taking photos for the food. :)

Photo taking for every dishes while presented on table...

The rice balls were tender and ginger taste soup was just nice for our overloaded stomach...haha!

I would say the dinner was full of surprised because of everyone was eagerly waiting for the next dish! The moment while waiting for the next dish, some were stand-by the cameras and some were stand-by their chopsticks...
It was our first time having a CNY Nyonya Reunion Dinner and all dishes were tasty and Delicious!

Do try out the different experience, beside Chinese foods...you might have the same surprise like us!

At last, everyone was satisfied and happy with the dinner!

Cheers! and Happy Chinese New Year!

*  Foods taste are based on individual preference.

*  The dishes might change because of customers request, please call the number below and confirm with Ms Grace Lim for the dishes and the price. Please make the reservation early to avoid any disappointment.

MaMa Nyonya Restaurant
8, Jalan Molek 1/28, 
Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Tel : +6016-7167190 (Grace Lim)

Location map of Mama Nyonya Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

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