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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discovered the mural at Lebuh Ah Quee, Penang Island

After exploring the Chew Jetty, we continued to discovered another few murals at Lebuh Ah Quee (N5.41513 E100.33905). The murals are located once we walked into the street, that was really save us some sweats...:)

Many tourists around the area with all kind of pose...Yes, these were interesting!

There are 2 murals here : "Boy on the Bike" and "Little Boy with Pet Dinosour".

Both of them are located side by side...

Boy on the Bike mural at Ah Quee street

Little boy with Pet Dinosour mural at Ah Quee street

Walked further, we saw another mural by the local (I think...) and it said..."Our Art Is Dying."

While you take photos of the Murals at Penang, do take note of your belonging. Because there are many peoples around the area, this was just a advise from firends...

We call it a day after these murals, there are still others murals in Georgetown that we haven't discover yet, that will be a good reason to come back before all faded...

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Location map of Lebuh Ah Quee (street) in Penang Island

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