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Monday, March 18, 2013

Comedy Show in The City Stage of Legoland, Johor.

It was our First time visit the 'City Stage' in Legoland, which just located on the left once you step into the Theme Park and our timing was just right!
The 30 minutes show was just about to begin, it was entertaining...

 photo IMG_6836_zps47b78b1d.jpg
The audiences area was full once the show started...all came from different country around the World. Great!

She was the First performer, and Awesome!
If I'm not mistaken, she is from Denmark.

 photo IMG_6845_zpscbd7a7f3.jpg

 photo IMG_6853_zps215b4ef2.jpg

 photo IMG_6859_zpsf26e108e.jpg

 photo IMG_6851_zps1b872282.jpg
Excellent performance!

Followed by a group of comedian to search for something....Dangerous!

 photo IMG_6877_zps7467df6e.jpg

 photo IMG_6869_zps853fb0c2.jpg

 photo IMG_6863_zps34c8aefc.jpg
The group of comedian at The City Stage, Legoland

The shows was entertaining and it's also a well ventilated area. It's nice to let yourself have a short break with some cold drinks and snacks on the hot sunny day in Legoland. There are few shows time per day, do take note on the white board in front of the City Stage.

 photo IMG_6841_zps514795a0.jpg
The City Stage of Legoland

Location map of LEGOLAND Nusajaya, Johor.

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