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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HoShi Steamboat Restaurant (好食火涡) at Taman Impian Emas, Skudai - Johor.

HoShi Steamboat Restaurant (好食火涡) (N1.54174 E103.68700) is located along Jalan Impain Emas 5/6, Taman Impian Emas. Which is just 2 doors next to the Blue Bell Budget Hotel beside Petronas Petrol Station.

 photo IMG_7647_zpsadd4e898.jpg

It has a very simple deco in the shop and with total of about 10 tables...
This was our first time visit this restaurant because of attracted by the soup which is cooked with 8 types of different steamboat ingredients without MSG!

 photo IMG_7606_zpsa9361e91.jpg

We took the 'standard' serving which is in the photo below. You can have a option not to take the standard serving but replace by the A La Carte menu.

 photo IMG_7785_zps1674861b.jpg
Standard serving for 2 person - RM34.00

The seafood was fresh and they are serving sea prawns and fishes.
This was one of the Steamboat Restaurant with Full of variety compare with others that I visited before!

They have more than 50 different serving from a simple noodle till New Zealand Rib Eye slices. I was fortunate enough to captured most of the dishes here, let me share with you...

 photo Tile1_zps47b0eaa5.jpg
All kinds of 'Balls' here which I cannot remember all of them...fish balls, pork balls, beef balls, cheese balls...and etc.

 photo Tile2_zps529c3fb3.jpg

 photo Tile3_zpsf55a84e3.jpg

 photo Tile4_zps7e05894a.jpg

 photo IMG_7923_zpsa7f0989f.jpg
Smoke abalone 烟熏鲍鱼片

 photo IMG_7913_zpsf8f07958.jpg
Streaky Pork 五花肉片

 photo IMG_7893_zpsc085579e.jpg
Sea Fish Maw 鱼鳔

 photo IMG_7870_zps31229c56.jpg
Pork Intestines猪肚和粉肠

 photo IMG_7860_zpsd789616f.jpg
Pacific Pink Scallops 半壳带子

 photo IMG_7839_zpsd76ca433.jpg
Prawns 明虾

 photo IMG_7783_zpsd2223071.jpg

 photo IMG_7781_zps1e9d0b61.jpg
Fish 海鱼片

 photo IMG_7803_zps8fe6c4cc.jpg
Mushroom 金针菇

 photo IMG_7832_zps375895d7.jpg
New Zealand Rib Eye slices

Beside the cook dishes, they also serve fried dishes like below...

 photo IMG_7935_zpsef1a81f1.jpg
Deep Fried Dumplings 炸水饺

 photo IMG_7848_zps01f4326d.jpg

 photo IMG_7791_zpsec34892a.jpg
Deep Fried Dumplings (Taiwan Style) 锅贴

 photo IMG_7929_zpsddab2e05.jpg
Deep Fried Shisamo

 photo IMG_7916_zps285f0e07.jpg
Deep Fired Bean Curd Skin

 photo IMG_7790_zps60c8e7aa.jpg
Deep Fried Seafood Tou-fu 海鲜豆腐

 photo IMG_7907_zpsf8994187.jpg
Grilled Black Pepper Smoke Duck Brest 烟熏黑胡椒鸭肉

 photo IMG_7851_zpsc6c42cd3.jpg
Deep Fried Fish Head 炸鱼斗

 photo IMG_7905_zps8081d207.jpg
Deep Fried Squids

 photo IMG_7897_zps62ef3507.jpg
Deep Fried Sea Fish Maw 海鱼鳔

 photo IMG_7924_zps389d4d80.jpg
Stir Fried Streaky Pork with Taiwan Imported sauce 酱炒五花肉 (酱料来自台湾进口烧烤酱)

If all the above still not enough for you, you can have this Ye-Mee 伊面 (Yellow noodle)...

 photo IMG_7835_zps139548b5.jpg
Ye-Mee (Yellow noodle) 伊面

All the steamboat dishes above serve together with the Standard Special Homemade Chili Sauce, Sambal Belacan sauce and the dried garlics...

 photo IMG_7910_zps5c4814fb.jpg
Chili Sauce, Sambal Belacan sauce and the dried garlics

Overall, we like the soup and satisfied with all the foods. I like the A La Carte dishes very much! Especially the Grilled Smoke Duck, Stir Fried Streaky Pork, Shasimo, Deep Fried Seafood Tou-fu and many more...! Honestly, the taste of the foods and the price is really reasonable!
This is One Of The Nice and Reasonable Steamboat Restaurant around Johor Bahru.

We will definitely be back again for so many dishes we haven't try! And hope the vertilation will be better in our next visit...

HoShi Steamboat Restaurant (好食火涡)
21, Jalan Impian 5/6,
Taman Impian Emas,
81300 Skudai - Johor.
Tel : +6016-710 7773 (Mr CK Pang)
Close on every Tuesday

Location map of HoShi Steamboat Restaurant (好食火涡) at Taman Impian Emas, Skudai - Johor.

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