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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Malacca (Melaka) Ciam-ciam stall - The local street food at Malacca

This Ciam-Ciam stall (N2.20102 E102.24253) is located in front of the Magnum 4D shop along Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca. We were surprised by the crowds surrounded the stall. My curiosity triggered and push us to try it!

 photo IMG_20130324_163238R_zps14c9ec11.jpg
The Ciam-Ciam stall in front of Magnum 4D shop along Jln Ong Kim Wee

Realized what the stall sell once we stand close...it sell fish ball, loucheon meat, bean curd skin, pork intestine, tribes, streaky pork and many more...all cooked.

 photo IMG_20130324_163513R_zps0f24ae50.jpg

We like the braised and stewed tribes, it was Tasty & Delicous!
All the foods were served by a small stick through it. Different from the "Lok-Lok", because all were cooked and mostly 1 piece per stick.

 photo IMG_20130324_163631R_zpsf33ba66e.jpg

Everyone will provide a disposable styrofoam like a plate and we selected the chili, there were few type available in the stall...

By looking at everyone faces, seems like they were really enjoyed the foods! Just like us! Haha! I found it was quite fun by having some local street food (kind of snacks to me) along the street and once I noticed others expression while having it, I can't stop myself to had another few sticks...! :)

 photo IMG_20130324_163904R_zpsef4e071c.jpg

By observing the styrofoam behind the stall, you can imagine how good the business is...
I cannot remember how much per stick but it cost us about RM11 for 2 persons after the boss counted from the sticks...we had a lot of the stewed intestine...:)
I think cannot compare the price with Lok-Lok because all foods was cooked, not raw...so I felt the prices were quite reasonable.

The stall ONLY in business during Saturday and Sunday noon time onwards, Only 2 days per week. So if you pass-by the stall, you might want to try it out the local - Malacca Ciam-Ciam.

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Location map of the Malacca Ciam-ciam stall at Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca.

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