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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

American Italian Restaurant & Cafe at Taman Austin Heights, Johor Bahru.

The American Italian Restaurant & Cafe (N1.55768 E103.78089) is located along Jalan Austin Heights 3/1, opposite the International School of Austin Heights. We wanted to purchse the Groupon coupon for food tasting here but...always forget and now we visited the restaurant without the discount coupon...

 photo IMG_8606_zps808f0bec.jpg
American Italian Restaurant & Cafe at Austin Heights

We were amazed by the environment, it was cozy, comfort and decorated with soft and warm lightings.

  photo IMG_8588_zps0c663bc0.jpg
The cozy environment of American Italian Restaurant & Cafe

 photo IMG_8587_zps8d973abc.jpg

Among all the deco, I like the 'Blue' bar counter very much!

Our order was fast taken by the waiter and our order as below :-

*  Grilled Chicken chop
*  Chicken chop and grilled beef steak
*  Mushroom soup with garlic breads
*  Onion rings

 photo IMG_8603_zpsfd5ef722.jpg
Grilled chicken chop

 photo IMG_8596_zpsb6118c46.jpg
Chicken chop and grilled beef steak

 photo IMG_8599_zpsec2b9c36.jpg

 photo IMG_8595_zps7ecee792.jpg
Mushroom soup served with garlic breads

 photo IMG_8590_zps9367444e.jpg

 photo IMG_8591_zps58fcc50a.jpg
Onion rings

All the foods above were ok, passed the 'public satisfied level' as my friends said...:)

The steak was too thin (you can see it in the photo) to have a satisfy bite, overall the portion of the serving was really big! Seems like enough to fill up 2 persons stomach, initially I thought the chicken chop will serve in grill but a bit of disappointed that it was deep fried while served on the table, my bad that I didn't ask properly...

The grilled chciken chop tasted above average, and the mushroom soup was ok and so on the onion rings.

 photo IMG_8605_zpsffe37933.jpg
The beef steak served together with the chicken chop

Anyway, I like the environment and it's suitable for group of friends gathering, because of the relax atmosphere provided by the restaurant.

The Damage : RM92.75 included tax and drinks for 2 adults 1 child. A common and average western food serve by the restaurant.

If you want to find some nice place for chit chat or cool yourself down in the hot sunny weather, you might want to try the American Italian Restaurant & Cafe at Austin Heights.

American Italian Restaurant & Cafe
No.23, Jalan Austin Height 3/1, 
Taman Austin Height, 81100 Johore Bahru.
Operating hours : 11:30 am - 11:00 pm (Mon ~ Sun)
Tel : 07-351 0173

Location map of American Italian Restaurant & Cafe at Tmn Austin Heights, Johor Bahru.

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