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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buffet Dinner at The Newly Open Harbour Cafe in Traders Hotel at Puteri Harbour, Johor.

The newly open Harbour Cafe in Traders Hotel (N1.41784 E103.65638) has offering a nice buffet dinner to their guests and public. The Traders Hotel at Nusajaya started operation together with the restaurants about month ago, we were invited by the Communication Manager - Ms Aidah for the buffet dinner on one of the evening.
The Traders Hotel is located next to the popular Hello Kitty Theme Park and Puteri Harbour of Johor, the signages along the highway provide easy navigation for the visitor to the destination easily.

 photo IMG_9903_zpse3d44393.jpg
The Harbour Cafe of Traders Hotel, Johor.

The Cafe is offering the International and local delicacies, where you can taste full of varieties in one stop. During the Ramadan month, they prepared more local cuisine compare with normal serving to cater the guests for 'Buka Puasa'.
Once we stepped into the cafe, we were greeted by the nicely display fruits and vegetables pickles on the decoration cabinets...it was so tempted to grab some of it...:)
The Executive Chef from the hotel - Mr Alan Wong introduced the foods to us systematically...our pleasure and thanks to Mr Alan.
The first session was the appetizers...

 photo IMG_9838_zpsd3aea29a.jpg
The appetizers session...

Many fruits and salads available, among all I like the baby tomotoes very much!

 photo IMG_9835_zps0ef48574.jpg
The baby tomatoes...

 photo IMG_9834_zpsbf31d9f2.jpg
The salads area...

 photo IMG_9832_zps919afb63.jpg
The 'Kerabu' session

The Harbour cafe provided 7 types of 'Kerabu' for appetizers...they were : Yurap Kacang Panjang, Kerabu Ayam, Kerabu Udang, Kerabu Daging, Acar Jelatah, Kerabu Perut and Tauhu Sumbat.
The 'Rojak' was loacted at the end of it, where you can mixed your own fruits 'Rojak' the way you like.

 photo IMG_9818_zps7f6a11b2.jpg

 photo IMG_9817_zps3ce698b4.jpg
The Rojak session

 photo IMG_9854_zps94d6b794.jpg
Nice decoration of the mixture of fruits

The Japanese and the local soup corner at the following session...honestly, this was my favorite corner. :)

 photo IMG_9810_zpse2611ed2.jpg
The Japanese corner and the local soup corner

 photo Tile3_zps2d760be2.jpg
Many types of Sushi and Sashimi were available...

It was the perfect timing where one of the staff was pereparing the Sashimi...

 photo IMG_9860_zps9902cd8e.jpg
Sashimi in process...

Next to the Japanese corner, nicely presented the local soup area, mainly 3 types of soup provided : chicken, beef and mutton.

 photo IMG_9804_zps0259a303.jpg
The local soup area...

 photo IMG_9807_zps691fef89.jpg

Follow by the Roti Pratha (or canai) session...they do serve 'Roti Naan' in request...

 photo IMG_9799_zps4a2518e6.jpg
The 3rd food session which served the roti pratha and the seafood...

 photo IMG_9888_zps3504f6d7.jpg

 photo IMG_9800_zpsbf0e0c7a.jpg
Many types of 'kuah' - gravy to goes with the Roti Pratha

Before we jump to the seafood area, something caught my eyes...
The "Ayam Percik Utara, Nasi Hujan Panas, Rusa Rendang Johor and Puyuh Goreng Berlada."

 photo Tile1_zpscfe14678.jpg
Left to right : Ayam Percik Utara, Nasi Hujan Panas, Rusa Rendang 
Johor and Puyuh Goreng Berlada.

The lamb chops were sitted beside...

 photo IMG_9867_zpsc8b3b83d.jpg
The Lamb Chops

 photo IMG_9797_zps0a313d03.jpg
The Satays

The seafoods from the same session...cooked and fresh seafood upon request for the guests.

 photo IMG_9868_zps7f074482.jpg
The grilled seafood available, fish, prawns and others

 photo IMG_9870_zps8bc9f2d5.jpg
The fresh seafoods

 photo IMG_9802_zpsc10ace59.jpg
The cook prepared the lamb for their guests...

Coming up next was the 'clay-pot' session where most of the curry and assam soup were serve, this was the session I miss! Because of not enough space for me to fill in...

 photo IMG_9795_zps66d4b5ae.jpg
The Claypot session

Every buffet you visit during the Ramadan month, you will definitely see this roasted 'Baby Lamb', it is commonly serve during the Buka Puasa.

 photo IMG_9789_zps80afaf66.jpg
The Lamb with kuzi sauce

 photo IMG_9791_zps52fd3f0f.jpg
Nasi kunyit, eggs and others below the lamb

 photo IMG_9885_zps93bee2c6.jpg
The staff cut the lamb nicely to serve the guests...

The Chinese corner was situated next, where you can get most of the noodle soup within the session included a Nice Johor Laksa.

 photo IMG_9786_zps534724ce.jpg
The Chinese Corner

When talk about Chinese corner, it won't be complete with the 'Dim Sum'. The tasty dim sum served without pork and lard, that means our Muslim friends also can enjoy the Chinese dim sum comfortable.

 photo IMG_9771_zps46e2a280.jpg
The Dim Sum corner

The Local Delights of 'Kambing Kari Pudina, nasi Goreng Ikan Masin, Bawal Semur Betawi, Udang Paprik and Pucuk Manis Masak Lemak' were at the last food corner...

 photo IMG_9891_zps03ec8e7d.jpg
The last food corner which served the Local Delights

 photo Tile2_zps33d666e7.jpg
Left to right : Kambing Kari Pudina, nasi Goreng Ikan Masin, 
Bawal Semur Betawi and Udang Paprik

 photo IMG_9782_zpsda62c8ad.jpg
Pucuk Manis Masak Lemak

The last session of the buffet was the interesting island...The Dessert Island.

 photo IMG_9889_zpsddf32143.jpg
The Dessert island of Harbour Cafe

 photo Tile4_zpsbf9a045e.jpg
The attractive and yummy desserts...

 photo IMG_9882_zpsb771b25c.jpg

 photo IMG_9876_zpseec010a7.jpg

 photo IMG_9745_zps162c4185.jpg

 photo IMG_9756_zpsbf2e7ab2.jpg

 photo IMG_9747_zps7acf3d3a.jpg

 photo IMG_9752_zpsb4628a19.jpg

 photo IMG_9878_zpsb7022ead.jpg
The chocolate fondue corner

They were the first hotel in Johor to brought in the Fondue machine from England, where the dark and white chocolate mixed in one machine.

 photo IMG_9879_zps44024a1f.jpg
The dual Dark and White chocolate fondue machine in Harbour Cafe, Traders Hotel

 photo IMG_9755_zps1c0f3b0c.jpg
The candys for the chocolate fondue

I believe the children and some of the dessert lover will love it very much!

It was our honor to had Chef Bing to prepared the 'Apom Balik' for us, Yummy!

 photo IMG_9759_zps70fdbe6a.jpg
Chef Bing and the Apom Balik in making...

 photo IMG_9883_zpsbabe8c23.jpg
The Apom Balik with 'Kaya' are ready to serve...

Now, let's have a walk on the dining area of Harbour Cafe...

 photo IMG_9900_zps1ecf6a81.jpg

All the dining area are designed next to the food counter, you can easily enjoy your dinner with just a few steps from it.

 photo IMG_9898_zps501ee00b.jpg

 photo IMG_9894_zps84cd65ac.jpg
The dining area of Harbour Cafe

 photo IMG_9886_zps9848ffd2.jpg

I can't taste all the foods here because of my limited stomach space, I wish I have 2-3 tummy to fill all the foods here, am I greedy?! :)
I tasted the baby lamb, nice and succulent with the kuzi sauce. The aromatic satay sauce was unique and special which I never try before! Nice! We were indulged in the Sashimi that evening...the Salmon and Tuna Sashimis were fresh with the perfect texture.

 photo IMG_9909_zps3fd59aaa.jpg
The fresh sashimi from Harbour Cafe

The dessert time was the time we can't stop enjoying it! Thanks for Chef Bing specially served us the unique dessert from him, that was my First time having the fried pineapple that dipped with dark chocolate! Delicious!

 photo IMG_9914_zps5b8e3dac.jpg
The Macaron, Tiramisu, Pandan cake and the fondue.

 photo IMG_9919_zps26df3097.jpg
The Unique Creation from Chef Bing

We had a wonderful evening having the buffet dinner at Harbour Cafe! I'll definitely back for more...

A common question from friends : "How's the food?" Well, I cannot taste all the foods in the cafe, and understand that everyone has a different taste bud. You have to try it yourself. What I can say is...some were average and most were Yummylicious! Especially dine in the nice environment, I would say...I love it!

The price for the buffet dinner at Harbour Cafe from 10th July until 9th August 2013 is RM108++ per pax, 6.30pm - 10.30pm. If you visiting the cafe in the big group, you may contact the Hotel for better price.

Last, I would like to thanks to Ms Aidah - Communicaton Manager, Mr Alan Wong - Executive Chef, Mr Bing - Chef and Mr Avraam - F & B Manager for their warm hospitality and the delicious foods.

*  No pork, no lard, no Halal cert.

Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour,
Nusajaya, Johor.
Tel : +607-5608888   Fax : +607-5608999

Location map of Traders Hotel at Puteri Harbour, Kota Islandar - Johor.

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