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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The City Cafe in WF Hotel of Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

The City Cafe (N1.49719 E103.76284) is situated in ground floor of  WF Hotel along Jalan Geram off Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru. It's easy to locate the place because the hotel is just next to the SJK (C) Foon Yew 1 (Primary School Foon Yew 1).

  photo IMG_9921_zps0d64546a.jpg
The City Cafe, Jalan Kebun Teh

The cafe had took over by Mr Marcus Wong (who also the cook) since 18 months ago, and they serve some western foods and more on the local Chinese foods. The dining area is designed in the "L" shape with the relax and quiet environemnt, I like the simple ambience and sometimes we can have some discussion over the lunch or dinner with the free Wifi service.

 photo IMG_9923_zps294fa61b.jpg
The relax and quiet environment of City Cafe

 photo IMG_9925_zps0a7d54bd.jpg

It can be corwded during the weekend evening, so if you visiting on weekend...I advise you make a reservation through the telephone number below...

The foods serve by the cafe are simple yet Delicious! Let me share with you the dishes we had on that evening...

*  Seafood Tomyam soup
*  Sweet sour fish with plain rice
*  Sambal onions prawns with plain rice
*  Butter chicken with fried rice - Signature dish
*  Sambal brinjal

 photo IMG_9927_zpsf4f689bd.jpg
Seafood Tomyam soup

 photo IMG_9934_zps56b9ef44.jpg
Sweet sour fish with plain rice

 photo IMG_9935_zps570ecf51.jpg
Sambal onions prawns with plain rice

 photo IMG_9942_zps7cc69898.jpg
Butter chicken with fried rice (Signature dish)

 photo IMG_9946_zpsa4cb3a11.jpg
Sambal brinjal

The Seafood Tomyam soup was average, enough to ease the Tomyam thirst...
The Sweet Sour Fish - nice and yummy with the juicy fish and gravy, portion was big enough.
The Sambal Onions Prawns with rice - delicious, prawns were very fresh!
The Butter Chicken with Fried Rice was...Excellent! The butter taste was rich and not so creamy, the curry leafs went well with the butter and surprisingly the fried rice also very tasty! You feel like ask for more after you finish it!
The Sambal Brinjal - cooked nicely and not too spicy, the brinjals were preserved the juicy-ness and not too day.

Simple and yet Delicious!

The Cafe looks like a good place for us to explore more of their foods, we will be back for More! Please drop by if you happen to be at the nearby area, you might surprise with the food from The City Cafe, that cooked and serve by the owner - Mr Marcus Wong.

The City Cafe
12, Jalan Geram of Jalan Kebun Teh,
80250 Johor Bahru.
Tel : 01111111-323 / 016-7000005
Close on Every Monday

The location map of The City Cafe along Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

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