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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Scenic view along the journey from Tekek town to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman island.

Once we touched down the Tioman Airport, all of us been transported by Tunamaya ferry from Tekek town to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort. The view along the ferry ride was breathtaking!

Let me share some of the photos with you...

 photo IMG_3933_zpsc90feb30.jpg
The jetty at Tekek town

All of us were waiting at the jetty, and the ferry arrived less than 5 minutes...

 photo IMG_3936_zps83efd6aa.jpg
Private ferry from Tunamaya resort

 photo IMG_3938_zps95546c9a.jpg

 photo IMG_3939_zps7e90a22f.jpg

Inside the ferry was spacious and comfort...

The weather was good that day, the sky was so blue and the ocean too...the view was excellent once the ferry sailed out from the Tekek jetty...

 photo IMG_3940_zpsa96741cc.jpg
The ferry was about to leave Tekek town...

 photo IMG_3941_zpsa347984e.jpg
The breathtaking view once our journey started...

 photo IMG_3942_zps6c3477d1.jpg

The smile on everyone faces, and yes! Our Tioman holiday started...

 photo IMG_3954_zps7338f0ac.jpg
Staffs from Tunamaya Reosrt (Mr Paul Cheah - Resort Manager on the left)

About 5 minutes, our ferry passed by The Berjaya Resort at Tioman Island. It's easy to spot the resort by looking at the small rock island along the way...

 photo IMG_3943_zps5a4133fb.jpg
You will notice this small island before the Berjaya Resort

 photo IMG_3945_zpsc9418e5e.jpg
Part of the Berjaya Resort of Tioman Island

After 25 minutes, we noticed one of the rock mountain in front of us...that means we had reached the southern part of Tioman island...

 photo IMG_3953_zps147dd886.jpg

And few minutes later, I saw the 'Legendary Mythical Twin Peak' of Tioman island...

 photo IMG_3958_zps47b1ce9e.jpg
The jetty of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort - Tioman island

The Twin Peak become a beautiful backdrop of Tunamaya Resort, as you can see from the photo above.

 photo IMG_3964_zps907e55e0.jpg
The Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort of Tioman island

 photo IMG_3961_zpsfc66328d.jpg
Our group photo with the beautiful backdrop of the island

The blog post of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort will be on the next...

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