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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort at Tioman Island

Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort (N2.72072 E104.15162) is located at the southern tip of Tioman Island. The resort had just established a year ago, and the surrounding is so nature and not polluted. The white sandy beach accompany with the crystal clear water, the mythical Twin Peaks as the backdrop of the resort...everything painted a beautiful picture in front of us, it's almost heaven! That's the reason of their resort's slogan - "Between heaven and earth."

 photo IMG_4150_zps86176751.jpg
The jetty of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

 photo IMG_4147_zpsa43c1c2a.jpg
The crystal clear water at the jetty

The Tunamaya's staffs had a warm welcome for us at the jetty...song, music and friendly smiles. Suddenly I heard : "Welcome to fantasy island!" said by the Resort Manager - Mr Paul Cheah. The phrase remind me of Mr Roarke from the American TV series of 1977 - The Fantasy Island, which was one of my favorite series. Kind of traveling to the past...haha!

By walking towards the lobby from the jetty, I was amazed by the marvelous view of the resort...seems like 'guarded' by the Legendary Twin Peaks behind it.

 photo IMG_4143_zps746623e5.jpg
Between heaven and earth - Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

 photo IMG_4144_zps6aed800d.jpg
The Legendary mythical Twin Peaks of Tioman Island

And greeted by the visitors who snorkeling beside the jetty...

 photo IMG_4145_zps4ad96d5c.jpg
Snorkeling in Tioman island

The check-in process was smooth! Seems like the staffs at the front desk already know our names by walking directly to each of us for signatures, can it be coincidence? I'm impressed.

 photo IMG_4134_zps7660e9cb.jpg
The lounge and the lobby

Everyone was presented a coconut as a welcome drink to cool us down on the hot and humid weather at the lobby.
After a short rest, we were served by the buffet breakfast at the restaurant...

 photo IMG_4028_zps9a04a6ec.jpg

 photo IMG_4104_zpse8ee307f.jpg
The sword fish - deco of the restaurant

 photo IMG_3968_zpsa1acaa9e.jpg

Variety of foods, included Asian, Malaysian, Western and many more...

 photo MealR_zps9bec11a1.jpg
My simple breakfast at Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

An 'ice breaking' session for all of us during the breakfast session...it was totally relax.

When we about to walk to our room, and realized that all the keys already in the room and the air-conditioning was on. The staffs were so considerate, appreciated because they cool down the room on the hot weather before we step in.

 photo IMG_4011_zps49acd9e8.jpg

The area was well maintain, with lush of green...

 photo IMG_3991_zpsf8946e55.jpg

5 minutes walked, we reached our villa.
There are 2 type of views for all the villa, sea view and nature view. Every villa has 2 rooms and its interconnected, few types of room available - 2 persons, 3 persons and family room. All layout and deco almost no different except the beds.

Me and my friend were staying in the same villa with individual room, my friend's room was a 3 persons room equipped with one queen and one single bed, my room was equipped with one king bed. Both rooms were interconnected.

 photo IMG_4010_zps16581b77.jpg
The Villa of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

 photo IMG_3994_zpsf22f20d6.jpg
3 persons room - one queen bed and one single bed

 photo IMG_3996_zps934bdf93.jpg
2 persons room - one king bed

 photo IMG_4006_zpse443d187.jpg

Every room has a 2 entrances, one from front and the other at the side. As you will notice from the photos above.

 photo IMG_4007_zpsc944c12e.jpg

 photo IMG_3995_zpseb1e7f27.jpg
Bathroom are all same design

The sea view's room has the spectacular view!

 photo IMG_3998_zps1cf446e3.jpg
View from the room window

 photo IMG_4000_zpsfcbc43b6.jpg
Lazy chair outside my room

According to Mr Paul (Resort Manager), the drinking water in the room is the natural water from the waterfall of the island. This is one of the best drinking water I had among all the resort I visited before.
As I noticed, the room was equipped with all the quality product like electrical switch, toiletries and many more...

After we settled our bags and luggages, it was free and easy session...we walked around the resort.

The nature view's Villas have a simple and greenery view from their windows, and the sea view's Villas have a nice wooden pedestrian connected to each other.

 photo IMG_4016_zps3a3b6101.jpg
Wooden pedestrian connected to all sea view Villas

 photo IMG_4013_zpsb43fcfc4.jpg

You can choose to have your swimming session in the sea or the edgeless pool in the resort...

 photo IMG_4015_zpsfd1462b8.jpg
Crystal clear water at the beach

 photo IMG_4026_zps4f529828.jpg
Magnificent view from the edgeless pool of the resort

The resort is fully covered by surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of every guest in the resort.
While strolling around the resort, we reached the Sarung Spa. The Spa center is located in the natural environment, green and with the touch of nature.

 photo IMG_3971_zps471ca395.jpg
Entrance of the Sarung Spa center

 photo IMG_3975_zps35c451ac.jpg

2 minutes walk from the path above, the Spa center appeared...

 photo IMG_3974_zpsb3402d36.jpg
Sarung Spa of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

 photo IMG_4052_zpse9e8c060.jpg

The well train ladies providing their Balinese Traditional massage for all guests.
The center has few rooms for spa therapy, photo below...

 photo IMG_3983_zps4a490eb3.jpg

 photo IMG_3984_zps3d51e18c.jpg

 photo IMG_3979_zps9604f87c.jpg

Every room is equipped with the jacuzzi pool and bathroom, you can enjoy it after the massage therapy and spend your own sweet time in the room.

 photo IMG_3986_zps1ba29d40.jpg
The natural herbs for spa therapy

We had our massage session on 4pm that day we check-in...it was comfortable and relax!

The room services are twice a day, that means every morning you took your shower and out for activities, once you back in the afternoon or evening, everything is being arranged. Impressed!

We were hanged out around the Ombak Bar for the afternoon session, just to grabbed a glass of Budweiser beer to cool ourselves down...

 photo IMG_4110_zps536e73f0.jpg
The shark at the Ombak Bar

 photo BeerR_zpsf2409cd7.jpg

We were greeted by most of the staffs around the resort remember included our names, impressed!

After few glasses of Budweiser, it was time for the dinner. The post will be coming up next...

 photo IMG_4012_zpsb5e027d0.jpg

Some history of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort :-
The resort established about a year ago, we view through their video where everything constructed from zero. One of the partner - Mr Gan was from Penang, explained to us about the story behind the name of the resort. He said before they name the resort, another partner has a resort at Perhentian Island - The Tuna Bay Resort. That's why the word 'Tuna' is mentioned here, and 'maya' is the national language of 'mythical', it means the mysteries, mythical of the Legendary Twin Peaks just situated exactly as a backdrop of the resort. At last, we understand the name of the resort is nothing to do with the Tuna fish...

Please check out their promotion from time to time at their Facebook page.

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Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman Island.
Lot 20 & 21, Kampung Mukut, Pulau Tioman
86800 Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel : +607-798 8108
Email : info@tunamayaresort.com
Website : www.tunamayaresort.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TunamayaResortTioman

Location map of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort of Tioman Island

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