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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The evening photography session in Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort - Tioman island

Supposed to a cup of coffee and enjoy the surround scenery...but the sunlight remind me of the sunset! Quickly finish my coffee,  grab the tripod and camera, run towards the jetty! Just hope to capture a nice sunset of Tioman island...

 photo IMG_4054_zps0a11d57c.jpg
The outdoor area of the restaurant, Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

There were 2 gentlemen already at the jetty waiting to capture the sunset too...

 photo IMG_4056_zps8dcf1856.jpg
The jetty of Tunamaya Resort

Once the tripod setting up, I tried to captured the surrounding and waited for the right timing...

 photo IMG_4059_zps70c489a0.jpg
The jetty...

But...it was a disappointed sunset of that evening because of the weather...can't blame the mother nature even....

 photo IMG_4062_zpsb9f9fac9.jpg
The dusk of the South China sea

Waited for 20 minutes, the sky didn't turn orange or gold, only be able to captured the blue moment...haiz...

 photo IMG_4072_zpsea731d33.jpg
The sunset without the glow...

Too bad, I had to turn around and snap whatever I can during the blue moment...

 photo IMG_4075_zps5720eba8.jpg
The jetty (5 sec exposure)

The photos turn out to be quite satisfied. This was unexpected!

By walking back to the restaurant of the resort, I tried another long exposure for 10 sec to capture the resort included the mythical Twin Peak as a backdrop. Well, I like the photo!

 photo IMG_4079_zps0ea34147.jpg
Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort during the evening

By looking at the Twin Peak that moment, I felt some mysteries behind and understand the reason peoples in the island call - Mythical Twin Peak.

I joined the party at the restaurant after the above photo taken...

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