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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unique grilled fish stall spotted at Tawun Jetty, Lombok Island.

After we had our breakfast in the resort on the second day morning, we travel from Kila Senggigi Beach Resort to Tawun jetty for the island hopping trip...the journey took about 2 hours by ground transport.
When our 'party van' almost reach the jetty, I noticed there were many BBQ fish stall (S8.74473 E116.01998) along the road. Because of the curiosity, me and one of the team mate walked the stall immediately after the van stop.

 photo IMG_3170_zps054fbee5.jpg
BBQ fish

The lady owner of the stall was friendly, we politely told her that we want to take some photos of her BBQ fishes, she agree instantly.

 photo IMG_3168_zpsd8cfc42b.jpg
The lady owner of the BBQ fish stall showed the big fish on her hand

I like the fragrant of the BBQ fish, too bad we just had our breakfast and really can't have this big fish anymore...otherwise, I'll definitely try it!

 photo IMG_3172_zps73e7582f.jpg
The BBQ fish were ready to customer

I couldn't understand when the lady owner tried to explain on the ingredients and the herbs they use to marinate the fish...too bad that we only communicate in the hand language...
But I can smell the delicious of the fish...

 photo IMG_3174_zpsad79ce99.jpg
She was showing the big fish...

 photo IMG_3176_zpsa7c8274a.jpg

I was too tempted by the fish and keep taking photos even without having it and also forgot to ask for the price of the fish. But I believe it won't be expansive...

 photo IMG_3177_zps44d97783.jpg

I promise myself that, I will definitely go back to Lombok island again and I won't miss this BBQ big fish on my next visit! I'm very sure! Haha!

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Location map of BBQ fish stall around Tawun Jetty, Lombok island.

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