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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple (柔佛古廟)

GPS coordinates : (N1°27.625 E103°45.785)
This is one of the oldest structure in Johor Bahru which build on 19th century and well maintain till today. It's located along Jalan Trus in between Kotaraya Shopping Complex and Pan Pacific Hotel at Johor Bahru town.

Map provided by MalSingMaps.com

It also the symbol of unity among five chinese dialect : Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainan. And host the five Deities : Yuan Tian Shang Di-(元天上帝) or (大老爷), Hong Xian Da Di-(洪仙大帝) or (洪仙公), Gan Tian Da Di-(感天大帝), Hua Guang Da Di-(华光大帝) and Zhao Da Yuan Shuai-(赵大元帅) for the five groups.
For more information about the temple, please visit Wiki : Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple.

I went to this temple on Sunday (23-12-2007) afternoon. Not many peoples there except some tourists. I found out this temple is different from others, because it's not a huge in size but it's famous of the historical values and also not much to explore.

Only the main hall and the both side doors are access to the small area which displays all the history of this chronicle temple.

Right lane

Left lane

Entrance to the Culture Center

Annual Chingay will be organized by the temple known as Parade of Deities. During the time, it has attract many peoples to participate, which also attract tourist for this grand Parade of the temple.

It's took me about 30 minutes to view every corner of this temple.



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