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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TKK Restaurant, Teluk Jawa (a.k.a. Megah Ria Seafood Village)

Having my Christmas dinner at TKK Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Jawa (a.k.a. Megah Ria Seafood Village)
(N1 28.606 E103 50.728)

Map from JB Custom to TKK Restaurant

The meaning of 'TKK' is Tie-Kong-Kia in hokkien (means son of the god)! Of somebody call it Tan-Ku-Ku in hokkien (means long waiting). :)
We ordered a few dishes like : Steam prawn, steam sotong (squid), Thai style slice cockle, vegetables and Hot plate Tofu (bean curd).

Among all, I love the steam squid very much! The spice added was just marvelous!
The environment is relax and not crowded. As you can see, there are two session in the restaurant.....typical seafood restaurant area and the romantic bridge area especially for couples or family.

Live seafoods available

The total cost of the dinner are MYR78.00. It's quite reasonable price from this good environment restaurant.

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