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Saturday, December 15, 2007

PC Fair III 2007, Johor Bahru

As I promised, me & my friend visited the PC Fair III 2007 at Johor International Convention Center this afternoon.

The place was crowded and very few parking left at the multi storey car park (as usual). The car parking gave very attractive rate compare with Thursday I visited, MYR4.00 per entry or per day.

Some carry stocks in......

Some carry out again.....

While we walked in to the main entrance, you cannot find a space in any single corner. So crowded and pack of peoples!!

I noticed that, in the fair this time…..you can see some new products (unlikes previously, only price war). And also this time, not only computer related products are exhibits here….but even you can see SONY LCD TV, Energizer battery??! (I’m not kidding!) Banks promote credit cards (everywhere!), camera booths, backpacks, mobile phone telcos :- Maxis & Celcom promoting their 3G data packages and GPS devices – Garmin & others brands, and they claim the maps loaded in the devices are MalSingmaps release November 2007??!!

(If any MSM members reading this now, do you think what I’m thinks??)

Accessories are as usual……prices war……

I only can remember some offer by the booths, inkjet printer as low as MYR80.00. Monochrome Laser jet as low as MYR199.00. Notebook computer – less than MYR2000.00. 2GB SD Card (memory card) as low as MYR53.00. Garmin Nuvi 200 – MYR1,299.00.

My friend bought Kingston 2GB DDR2 RAM for PC, cost MYR126.00. Then he entitled for Lucky Draw at Kingston booth. Wish we can draw the Pen Drive, but….in the end, we only got 2 plastic folders.

Used notebook computers, good bargains.

I found this little wonder, impressive! MYR3,499.00

Inside the main hall....

We spend about almost 3 hours in the fair but we don’t really visit all the booths, because it’s too crowded in the Convention Center.

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