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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Explore in Johor Bahru Old Town

It's been a long time I haven't explore the JB town.
I parked my car around the OCBC Bank then start to walk thru Wong Ah Fook Road.

Before my journey, I saw this two shop lots was build before the second world war!

And along the streets, you can see many of these decoration lamp.....

At the beginning of Wong Ah Fook Road, this special decoration object appear in front of the JB Custom.

I found many water features along the Wong Ah Fook road build by the local council.

Good rest for the cleaners ......

Within the plant....

This sign stated CCTV camera everywhere (24hrs), but funny! I don't see even one!

And a few of the mobile Police Bit, but......there was nobody there......

After the junction, I walked across to Siu Nam road.

This kind of stall handling by indian are very few nowadays, you can't see it in some new residential area anymore! They are mostly like convenience store you have right now, selling those daily necessity.....

Opposite of this stall, I discovered the new look of 'Coffeeshop'!

Then I explore in Meldrum road......
I cannot recall when was my last time visit this shop.

This is the street where crime happens during night time! Tourist please avoid!

If happens you are around this area, please avoid some hotels like below......

Unless you know what you gonna find inside the hotel........

Some photos along the street......

Merlin Tower - The first commercial tower in Johor Bahru.

Wong Ah Fook road - The busiest road in Johor Bahru town.

You can find hawker foods at most of the back alley here during night time.

The first Theater in Johor Bahru - Broadway Theater (still operating)

Asia Life Building - Johor Bahru.

MCA Building - Johor Bahru

At the end of Trus road.

While waiting to cross the road......

I can see a lot of the building here really need to do something on it. It's dangerous for those who walk pass!

And this funny advertisement.

The weather change very fast and I stuck in the rain for 20 minutes before going back.



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