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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Danga Bay is the largest recreation park in Johor Bahru. It fall in the Iskandar Development Region A (IDR). It will be pack of peoples during every weekend evening. I take a change to snap every corner in Danga Bay.

(Total 57 photos)
Start from the begining once you turn left into the area, you will see the parking space of the International Restaurant.

Follow by the restaurants.......

They having buffet every Sunday.......

Beside the Restaurants, you can rent bicycle or tricycle.......

You can have a Danga river cruise for MYR10 for adult & MYR5 for children. But the boat only start when it fill of 12 adults.

Tram ride - MYR3 for adult & MYR2 for children.

Photos around the restaurant.....

The Bay Leaf Food Court next to it was sealed! I think maybe going to have major renovation. Follow by the Amphitheater.

And I reached the Fun Park. But they are still sleeping.....only wake up during night session.

Beside the fun park, there's a RC Racing Car Circuit and Skate board area......

But.....the circuit become.....kids toy car riding area. What a disappointment.

Around the area, you can see 'green' everywhere.......

There's a Dining Cruise available at Danga Bay - Danga Cruise 8. Available from Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 7:30pm-12:00am. On the cruise you can enjoy with International Buffet, Live Band Entertainment, Karaoke and shows.
For group packages & functions, please call +607-2352333.

After the garden, you reach the full series of "Limas House"

In front of every house, there's a special water feature the make a beautiful rhythm.

After this house, there will be a 'Orchid Garden'

The entrance.........to Orchid Garden.

Special decoration stone everywhere.......

Next to it.......the Festive Mall. It's just another shopping complex.

And I found this.......

After the mall, there are some constructions and developments......maybe another year will be complete. So....that's all for now, I will be back to update it till it the 'Danga Walk' complete.

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