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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Explore in Endau Rompin National Park, Johor.

The Explorers group continue their journey again.......

Map to Endau Rompin National Park

They wake up before dawn, preparing all necessary.....with the total 10 families driving their 4WD meet up at Kahang petrol station. (N2°12.905' E103°32.429')

Once all of them 'check-in', they started their adventure journey to 2 days 1 night trip at Endau-Rompin National Park. They need to pass through about 35KM of off road (from Kahang main road ) then follow by laterite road to the resort.

The view is just simply nice and calm! The leader of the group - 9W2LRR was navigating with 'MalsingMaps' and shows that there is a waterfall nearby before the resort.

So they decided to explore it. The road condition is bad and muddy.......They felt excited and trying hard to pass through one-by-one. But after 45 minutes drive, the broken bridge in front force them go back to resort........

Check-in to the Kg Peta Resort.

The chalet of the resort - 2 rooms @ MYR80 per day, 3 rooms @ MYR120 per day, electricity supply 1900 - 0700 hrs.

The suspension bridge to the management office

After their nice and simple lunch, the leader suggests to explore the nearest river from their resort (It's about 2-3km from the resort).

When the group reach the entrance of the river, they didn't notice the terrain was down slop & wet.....Most of them are too excited to see the crystal clear water of the river until the leader found out.....they facing problem to getting all the vehicle back to resort! So he stops the last 2 4WD to go down and stand by for rescue!

The entrance to Burung Beach

And the womens and kids are having a happy hours........

But 9W2SKW is worry about getting back to resort.......

Luckily there are 2 vehicles with winch, but not long enough! So the Land II hold the Ninja and pull them up one-by-one! They spend almost 3 hours to 'rescue' all the 4x4 back to resort.

Almost hit the tree!

Finally to the top

Almost near the cliff!

Suddenly, the 'James Bond look a like' - 9W2LKP in action!

Magic push.....

Team work

Into the bush!

All the Big Boys are so excited and happy but their family members are sooooooo boring!

Dinner time.

BBQ & beer time!!!

2nd day
After breakfast, the boats are waiting for them for the river cruise and jungle trekking at Kuala (estuary) Jasin. Where is the Endau river and Jasin river meet.

The jetty

I shoot you, you shoot me!

Some beautiful scene......

20 - 25 minutes later, they reached Kuala Jasin. And started their adventure jungle trekking.......

The Queen of Backpacker!

The canopy walk......

After a while they reach another river with this new but 'not ready' suspension bridge....

So this is the only way to cross the river.....

What a good daddy and his lucky son.....

Finally they found what they want! Crystal clear water!!

The way he talk to the fishes!

After about an hour of fun, they trek back to the resort......

Back to resort, get ready to check-out. Pack and go home!

On the way back, they discovered........

* The photos above are provided by 9W2LRR & 9W2CHM.

Waterfall :-
* Batu Hampar Waterfall at Endau Rompin National Park, Johor

* Buaya Sangkut Waterfall at Endau Rompin National Park, Johor
* Upeh Guling Waterfall at Endau Rompin National Park, Johor



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