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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Computer Fair 2008 at Landmark Mall, Johor Bahru

Visited Landmark Mall (N1°27.900' E103°45.589') (JB town) on Saturday for the Computer Fair, March 2008.
Carpark was full when we reached there around 3pm. So we have park our car about 300 meters away from the Mall.

Basically it's just a price war about this computer fair. We (me, 9W2KG & 9W2TSK) bought 2GB Kingston Micro SD card for MYR39.00 come with SD & Mini SD adapter. The Toshiba 2GB Micro SD selling at MYR37.00 without any adapter.
4GB Kingston Thumb drive : MYR48.00
And I noticed that WD 250GB Hard Disk Drive selling for MYR198.00. 22" LCD Monitor selling less than MYR900.00, while the 19" models selling at MYR689.00.

Some pictures in Landmark Mall during the computer fair.

Most of the booths owner are from the shops in the same building....

I attracted this MPV parking in front of the mall and decide to find out what's going on......

Surprised me! It's another booth which is promoting Maxis Broadband and PC.com magazine! Look at the 42" LCD monitor at the back of the MPV! They provide online registration.

Attractive promotion by the PCcom Magazine....
Subscription for one year : MYR120.00
One unit of Wireless Router - Free
6 pcs of Pocket CD-R - Free
and others free items......

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