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Monday, May 05, 2008

Beautiful View of Johor Straits

On one sunny day and I visited this small fishing village and the scenic view really surprise me!!
The village located at the back of Taman Perling - a.k.a. Perling Seafood Village, Singapore just at opposite.

Photo from Google Earth

I simply walk in to one of the Seafood Restaurant call 'Restaurant Asli' (N1°27.634' E103 °42.298'). It's not a big & commercial type, but it's nice and comfort. You can have very nice view of Johor Straits from the restaurant.

The locals are staying along the straits from both sites of the restaurant.

Another restaurant on the right.

This is view in front, right & left from the restaurant.

Closer view.....

Left side

Closer view.....

Right side

You can even zoom in and see some high-rise building at Johor Bahru Town on your right.

I cannot comment on the foods yet. I will definitely come back again for the Sunset and the seafood.

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