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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vintage and Classic Motor Show, Permas Mall, Johor Bahru (Part I)

Photos of the day at Permas Mall, Taman Permas Jaya. (N1°29.817' E103°49.036') 26th - 27th April 2008.

Once you walked in, you can see the full series of Volkswagon Beetle. They line up from generation to generation.

The cars are showed in both right left include of the middle lane. You can see many vintage cars that you won't see it on the road today!

MG 'British Sports Car' series also display on the show perfectly.

MG MG-A 1600 Mark II (1960-1962)

The engine size was increased again to 1622 cc by increasing the bore from 75.4 mm to 76.2 mm for the 1961 Mark II MGA. It also had a higher ratio 4:1 rear axle which made for more relaxed high speed driving. An inset grille and Morris Mini tail lamps appearing horizontally below the deck lid were the most obvious visual changes. 8198 Mark II roadsters and 521 coupés were built.
As with the 1600 De Luxe, there were also some Mark II De Luxe versions with 290 roadsters and 23 coupés made. Source from Wiki.

Antique Cars

I was so excited and hope that I can see the pre-war and post-war Bentley on the Motor Show, but.......disappointed.

Among all, the Volkswagon Transporter (1967) was my main focus!

There's a mini bar at the back of the driver seat and entertain with 7" LCD TV. The vehicle was maintain very well as you refer from the pictures........

Follow by the motorcycle series. Since year 1927-1945 during World War II(2).



I love this particular Blue!

One of my Favorite - Land Rover (Series I)
Vehicle that never obsolete

Simple dashboard

And a simple yet Tough & Lasting Engine

I just miss the Harley Davidson Team when I reached there! Too bad!

Others Classic Cars.....
Volkswagon Notchback 1500S (Year 1964)

Triumph Spitfire Mark I - (1962-1964)

The production car changed little from the prototype, although the full-width rear bumper was dropped in favour of two part-bumpers curving round each corner, with overriders. Mechanics were basically stock Herald components: The engine was a 4-cylinder of 1147 cc, mildly tuned for the Spitfire with twin SU carburettors. For more info, please click here.

Continue Part II......


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