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Monday, May 12, 2008

Beauty Mama Competition, C.Square, Johor Bahru

Beauty Mother Competition @ City Square Plaza, Johor Bahru (11th May 2008)
Organize by Lion Club

It's a coincidence.
I brought my family with my mum-in-law to City Square Plaza, Johor Bahru for 'Mother's day' lunch and came across this competition.
It's also for the purpose of meeting a friend from Malacca - 9W2HHL (Heng). He was there because of his wife it's one of the judges for the competition!
I simply take out my cam and give some shots of the competition.

The participants line-up for the competition announcement.

From left , middle and right.

Unfortunately I cannot wait until the final result cos run out of time!

I admit that I'm not familiar with the setting of this camera yet. Overall I'm totally disappointed with my shots. (My apologies)

Anyway, just to share some photos of the event.



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