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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tebrau River Cleaning Project, Johor Bahru

10th May 2008
I wasn't aware about this till my brother told me about it. I wondered there's no banner for public awareness.

When I rush to the location (where at the back of Bayu Puteri 3 Apartment), the show had over! And I saw the only awareness was a A3 size board standing 1 meter up beside the road??! Only the peoples who stayed around that area will aware of this event.
I was told that the public respond was perfect!! Because.......everyone who came, they will enjoy free foods & drinks!! Hmm.....what do you think?

The rubbish issue were discussed before on this thread. I am too excited (give a hand too!) because we going to have a clean river around us! End up......it's just because the free foods & drinks attract the public. I manage to snap some photos there......
The rubbish still there but the foods & drinks already finished......

The last junior group

View of the Tebrau River

They took the chances to cruise along the river

The only Survivor along the river bank

Then we accidentally found this....

And decided to find out what is this house floating on the water...??!

The entrance

Oh! It's a small Fisherman Club

We stepped in and have a chat with the fisherman over there.....and realize this is the rubbish collected!

The marine.....

The surrounding....

The mangrove at the other side of the river

Yes, I am disappointed.......hmm.....let's hope for better tomorrow!


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