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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bkt Gambir - 100 Years old village at Muar, Johor

Location map of Bukit Gambir, Muar.

The main road of Bukit Gambir, Muar.

Bukit Gambir (N2°12.723' E102°39.194') is a small old town located about 25KM from north of Muar town. This small town has about 100 years history that pass through during the Second (2nd) World War, therefore it make you feel likes walk in to the Time Machine. Most of the houses which erected here are from 80 years ago (or more) until today.

I love this house very much!

The transformation of the shops & houses

The main road started from Sungai Mati (Death River) at the junction to Muar and Tangkak stretch until Gerisik Village. It's passing through many small villages by the name of Serom 1 to 9. During the 2nd World War, all this villages are using boats as a transport sail through the small river from one to another.....

According to the locals, the road transportation was built only in the late 40's. And Bkt. Gambir is the biggest village among others within the same road. It has Post office, Police station, shopping complex (rather small), wet market, schools, convenience store & etc.....

The second biggest village is Kampung Serom 3. Many senior peoples like to hanging around in the coffee shop along the main road.

The church at Serom 3

A famous grocery shop (Kedai Runcit) at Parit Zing

The New College almost complete at Serom 5

Traditional Chicken Farm spotted

Kid 1 : "Why our playground so dirty?"
Kid 2 : "Nobody want to maintain anymore!"
Kid 3 : "Let's go somewhere else! It's so dirty here!"

Special tree spotted along the main road

Sunset of Serom 4

I recall someone said this : "A return to nostalgia is in order to whip up unity."

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