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Monday, June 09, 2008

Village Life at Bkt. Gambir, Muar Johor

After you experienced a stressful & hectic urban city life, you might wanna try to escape from it. I'm usually escape myself out of the town to my In-Law's house which is located at Bkt. Gambir, Muar.

Over here, I found everything so peaceful and calm......I feel different and better fresh air in the morning. Visiting this small old town's coffee shop is another enjoyment for me.

The surrounding of the house is planted with different fruits. Also there's a mini chicken farm in the compound.

I love to walk around after breakfast. The song of the birds & flowers make you joyful and the concert by the chicken & hen around make you happy! You will be trouble free at that moment when you mix with all of them!
Let me share some photos here.......

I will be waiting for this........

Cocoa. Their family members planted this to generate some small revenue, after harvest and process, they sell it to make living.

The two lonely turtles in the world.

Gotcha!! Finally I manage to stand on it!!

The traditional store room. You can see it in every house during 60's & 70's.

Do you remember this? Do you know what is this?

Another store room

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