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Friday, June 27, 2008

Cameron Highland in 2003, Pahang

I accidentally dig out my old photos on Cameron Highland - 2003. So I decided to share with all of you, and it might bring back some of yours fond memory...:)

We (family members) rented the whole express bus together with tour guide to Cameron Highland trip on September, 2003.
We taken a break at Ringlet, the first town we reached. Some pictures of Ringlet during 2003. Wonder any changes now??

Then follow by the Bharat Tea House (N4°27.242' E101°22.147'). The view was beautiful! I cannot forget the enjoyment having a morning tea over the scenery here! Cool breeze and the greenery scene in front of you by the cup of tea in your hand really make my day!!

The path to the Tea Plantation

Beside the tea shop, there was a small grocery shop. I wonder it's still there today?!

The MOBILE vegetables seller

After the tea, our tour guide brought us to one of the garden near by - Rainbow Garden Centre.
Basically, it's just a garden full of several of Cactus, flowers, orchids, plants & etc...

It took about an hour after the Garden, we proceed to check-in to the Golden Wing Apartment (N4°29.540' E101°23.317') at Bringchang.

The apartment was clean & spacious. Too bad I didn't take any photos, I wonder why?
If my memory serve me well, one unit cost us RM400 per day with 3 BIG rooms, kitchen, dining hall & living hall. The temperature was between 18° - 20°C.

When everyone settles with their luggage, it's lunch time!
Free & easy session till night for the first day....

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