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Monday, July 21, 2008

What is the name of this plant?

I bought it from the Souvenir shop at the Iskandar Waterfall along the main road between Cameron Highland & Tapah. And according to the seller, it is ONLY available at Camaron Highland!! You can refer from this post.

It's been more than five years. And I confirm it's alive, as you can see from the picture below......it will grows some kind of Gold new "Skin" on the right, and the old is on the left. It's look similar like golden hair.
Today it still grows slowly....

According to the seller, it will grows bigger.....but the one shows on the picture above does not grow. My relatives bought another 2, they grew ! It's about 10mm more!
One of my friend (Mr Kumar) said that it is the "Fern" . You can read it from the Wiki. But I feel that......not really similar on the outlook. What's your opinion? Any idea? Any name for it?


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