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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Jiang Mee (Noodle), Tampin

I manage to visit this shop and tasted my long waiting "Long-Jiang-Mian"!
Because I miss it on my last visit, after so many months later......I finally have it!
Hmm......none of my friends tell me that, it looks like Wanton Noodle, so I expect something different. But, anyway.....it's taste slightly different from Wanton mee, it's smoother and feel more 'Q'!
My descriptions might not accurate, you have to try it yourself! Haha!

It has a long history behind, the are many interviews & reviews from the major newspaper are stuck over the wall of the shop.

At least, I fulfilled my mouth for the noodle! :)
After this, we continue our journey to "The D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World"......

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