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Friday, October 17, 2008

D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World, Malacca

The D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World, Malacca
(N2°24.982' E102°07.808')

It's located about 15KM from the Simpang Ampat/Alor Gajah Exit (North South Expressway). Took us about 30 minutes to reach from Tampin 'Long-Jiang Noodle' stall. Surprisingly, it's not packed with peoples!

I had been curious about this place long time ago is just because the high entrance fees! So we took this holiday season to visit this Fruit Farm.

I asked the lady at the information counter about the area and activities in the farm, and found out that the fruits season had just passed. It's between June - August every year. But we still insist to visit it after a long journey.....

The D-Paradise Fruit Farm
* Entrance fee is MYR49.90 for adult and MYR29.90 for children (Age 4-11) without time limits.
* Total 168 acres of the farm with 9KM of total journey.
* Discover 800 type of species in the farm with took more than 5 years of preparation.
* Native Village - 20 acres area
* Cactus Park and many more......

There's no tram to bring you around, you need to choose from these three choices :-
1)By walking
2)By renting a mountain bike
3)By renting a Buggy.

We decide to take the buggy (MYR50.00 per day). The total cost come to MYR149.80, the lady so kind that give us an offer for 20% off!

Once paid, we head on our adventure tour in this Tropical Fruit Farm.

The buggy area

The Buggy for four

We took this buggy for 2 - with the number "112"

Drive at our own Risk!

The entrance of the track

The D-CEO Village house just right after you drive in.....
It cost MYR1,100++ for one chalet or MYR550++ for one room, not cheap eh?

The track condition....and the shades are not really cover us from the hot sun...

The shades are actually trees of this - Passion Fruit

Our first stop - Cactus Park
We spend about 20 minutes over here.....

Along the way you can see many signage explaining about the fruits....and there are few washroom beside the track.
There's also many fruits that we never see it before......
Just like the pictures below....

After the Cactus Park, you'll reach the Water Lily Pond.

It's almost empty over here....

Crocodile Farm - it's just four crocs down there...1.5 meter long only, but it's enough to kill!

Ostrich Farm

Then we reach a roundabout, and just simply drive in one of the lane....and discovered this beautiful place - Camp David Island (The Private Resort)

The entrance of the Resort

It's a island in the small lake, the cabin cost MYR1,125++ per night !

Suddenly we feel little hungry and wanted to bite for food. According to the map, there's a Waikiki restaurant nearby. But after we found it, the restaurant seems like close long time already. So we have to drive back to the main complex without choices for packed food.
While on the way to the complex, we saw this Arena for Aborigine's Show. But we gonna miss it because of Hungry! :)

The stage for the Show - the rabbit farm just beside it

We bought some fried mee-hoon & drinks from the restaurant (It's good!) and searching for some nice place to enjoy it!

The Aborigine's Village - We didn't go in here because.....my daughter scare! Hmm....
It's covered about 20 acres of the area.

We found this pond for water activity after our break, it's calm without any activity....
This area a bit run down, but I saw the maintenance guys are doing their restoring job.

Beautiful area!

The tracks inside are not flat! Up & down, feels like driving a 4WD in the jungle! It's quite fun!!

Due to the not accurate map, we still haven't find the 'Robber Crab' after 4 hours in this farm.....
We started carefully round every corner in the park without giving up! Finally we found a Big 'Cage'! Looking at the signage, YES! That's the Crab!

The Robber Crab

The crab that climb and eat 'Coconut'?! Huh?? Yes, sure! This crab also known as 'Coconut Crab'. They live almost exclusively on land. This is a 'gift' from Christmas Island, Australia.

In the day time, all the crabs are hiding under this stone and so call - home. I manage to zoom in and snap some of the photos.
They really look like a Alien to me!
Their activities only start during night time. When they start to hunt for foods, they climb. Too bad, we can't stay here till night, so we miss their 'Rock N' Roll' session! :)

You can get more information about this Robber / Coconut Crab from here.

Deer Farm


After the Robber Crabs, Deers & Goats....it's getting dark, we spend total 5 hours in the Tropical Fruit World. It's time to say goodbye, and we continue our journey to Malacca town for dinner......

It's a Good Experience for us in this Tropical Fruit Farm!

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