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Thursday, October 23, 2008

World JOTA 2008 at Johor Bahru (17th - 19th OCT)

This year the World JOTA was held at the Datatran Johor Bahru (a.k.a. Johore Bahru City Square) which is located beside the General Hospital & opposite of Hyatt Regency Hotel. The station callsign : 9M1CSJ

The event started on 17th OCT 2008 and end on 19th OCT 2008, total of 3 days and it was the second time held at Johor Bahru. You can visit the First Johore Bahru JOTA here. This time the event being supported by many others societies and communities, SKMM (formerly known as MCMC) was one of it. Commercial tents, food and drinks were provided during the events.

The World Scout Jamboree (French: Jamboree Scout Mondial) is a Scoutingjamboree of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, typically attended by several tens of thousands of Scouts from around the world, aged 14 to 17.

The first World Scout Jamboree was organized by The Boy Scout Association in London. With exceptions for the war years, it has been organized approximately every four years, in the more recent years by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), in different locations over the world. The 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007 was held in Hylands Park, Essex, United Kingdom, and celebrated the Centenary of Scouting. For more information, please click here.

On the first day, all the helpful HAM members were there to setting up the antennas and the equipments. Yes, a lot of fun during the process....

9W2TSK on the left

Discussion within 9W2JOC and gang

As usual, the VHF and HF stations were setup, and this is the first time the Satellite Communication Station was setup also to communicate with ISS (International Space Station). And it's also the first time we put up a Helium Balloon (a.k.a. Hot Air Balloon) to setup the G5RV Dipole Antenna as Inverted-V resonant.

"The G5RV antenna, with its special feeder arrangement, is a multi-band center-fed antenna capable of efficient operation on all HF bands from 3.5 to 28 MHz. Its dimensions are specifically designed so it can be installed in areas of limited space, but which can accommodate a reasonably straight run of 102 ft for the flat-top."

The balloon and the G5RV in the small picture

Pictures above & below shows - The "Rise" of the Ballon

Second day was great with many visitors, Scouts and Girl Guides. Fellow HAMs were there for support and help....
The event was officially open by the VIP - 9M2TJO around 3pm.

VIP visiting the booth....

Johor Bahru on The Air - The slogan

The mineral water bottle and 9W2JOC decoration...

The HAMs relax before the Scouts arrive.....9W2ALM with cap

MCMC in action

9W2VAC complaining there's no coverage of P1 WiMax

9W2JOC, 9W2BDX & 9M2NP

9W2BDX & 9W2JJR guiding the scouts for radio communications
(pictures above & below)

That was also the time 9W2JOH with fellows setting the Satellite Tracking System.

Yaesu G-5500 Rotor

The Controller and the GS-232A Computer Interface

The Tracking Software

9W2JOH - Feroz during the setup

The YAESU G-5500 SATELLITE AZIMUTH/ELEVATION ROTOR come with the controller to lets you keep track of all aspects of the antenna system's positioning. The rotor rotate at max. 450° for azimuth and 180° for elevation.
The GS-232A Computer Controlled Interface package with the NOVA satellite tracking software which contains many powerful features for not only pointing antennas but also display options that are invaluable to instructing orbital fundamentals.

BU-50 Diamond 50 Ohm Balun
The BU-50 is a 1:1 50 Ohm HF balun covering 1.7 to 40MHz. It will handle 1.2kW PEP and helps reduce feed line radiation and radiation pattern distortion.

That was about close to 4:40pm local time, everyone were anxiously waiting for the ISS passing by on top of us.....

As you can see the "Communication Cyborg" standing on the left

The Satellite Tracker will park at the direction of south, and it will start to track the position of the ISS 3 minutes before the vision and follow it in 7 minutes then after the ISS out of vision, it will go back to the 'park' position. 9W2BUG holding the mic and CQ!

The respond was good with 107 participants of Scouts & G. Guides (7 from Singapore Rovers) and 50 visitors. And 25 of station master to help and make the event happen!

Singapore Rovers

Some others pictures for sharing......

The Public Washroom

The popular booth, serves food & drink....

The Portable VHF Antenna for Local Transmission

The Communication Cyborg - Main Attraction Of the Day

There were 10 total contacts collected from other country through HF and total of 5 QSL card from SSTV.

The event was end with Thunder Storm and heavy rain on the last day evening.
(Thanks and see you guys next year again!)

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