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Monday, October 06, 2008

New Face-lift for Machap R&R Area, Johor

This Machap Rest Area (N1°53.755' E103°13.454') north bound had just upgrade to better environment. This is the First Rest Area if you travel from the south to north via PLUS Highway.

We always have a rest over here and this time it's really surprise me!
The washrooms area were upgrade to clean & nice! And the food court area had been isolate with glass & air-condition for better hygiene! Yes, chase away all the flies! (But kind of warm, maybe the temperature was too high...)

The place even equip with escalator for both direction. (I think this is a bit out of it, make it look like a shopping complex! Worth it?!) And hopefully they will maintain it well.....

You can even have Baskin & Robbins now at Machap R & R area.


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