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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kukup Fishing Village Trip 15th & 16th November 2008

We reached Kukup Fishing Village (N1°19.512' E103°26.511') in the evening about 5pm. After check-in & settle everything at the chalet, the time was about 6pm.

I feel this is another Tourist Attraction of Johor and basically, the chalets were built by the local villages....another income for them beside their main income from the fishes they sell.
The life over here are quite simple, some in business like Seafood Restaurant, Souvenir Shop, Local foods shop & etc around the town area. Some built their Kelong for fishing. And some survive with their chalets...

I love the Nature over here! I took a short time to explore around the village before our dinner. Beside the scenic view of surrounding, I discovered some interesting small species here......

Mud Crab - also called Mangrove Crab

Mudskipper - They are completely amphibious fish

Let me start from the Chalet (N1°19.219' E103°26.665') we stayed :-
We need to walk about 500-700 meter from the main road to the chalet. (On the left side of the main road)
The entrance actually is from the back door, you will notice there's a pathway on the left of the door that link to the second chalet which belong to the same owner.

The kitchen was clean and equipped with gas. The both sides of the kitchen are 4 washrooms, enough for big group of visitors.

Kitchen is clean and spacious

There are 4 rooms with air-con. 1 Double decker and many mattress.

The living hall is big enough to occupy more than 20 persons.....

The front view was perfect! On the left is another link to the second chalet...

And also the place we had our dinner...

Another view of the 'Dining Hall'

The bridge connected to the chalet...

Type of Chalets at Kukup Fishing Village :-
Most of the design similar to the village house. All of them were built on the coast, yes! On the water. That's why it has another name called : 'Water House'.

The last chalet in the area.

While I walked on the alley, I noticed there are many motorcycle & bicycle on the alley for transport purposes.

The above picture was my favorite spot within alley. I just can't explain why? Just like it very much! Maybe because of the bend....it's actually almost the end of the alley.

We (me and Jerry) continued explore towards the town area....

One of the biggest shop selling dry foods

Dry foods and snacks shop

Pirate CD & DVD Stall??!! Seems like they are everywhere within Johor state

Souvenir shop

Every shop around here were packed of peoples!

After passing by the shops area, we saw the 'First Fishing Village' of Kukup (on the right if you are from Pontian). This is the place where Kukup village started!

Visitor Information Centre of Kukup. Closed for the day....

Then we reached the Carpark where we park our car. They called : "Udang" (prawn) Parking (N1°19.581' E103°26.706'). This area is secure & safety. The parking fee is MYR6.00 per day - Include of unlimited time of transport from the parking to town area. It's quite a distance from the parking to the Jetty if by walk.
I am satisfied with their services.

The entrance of the parking. The two Giant Prawn are their trademark!

Inside the parking

The time was 7pm. We have to go back and ready for dinner.
While on the way, I saw this unique old house...

And this simple location map around this chalet area....

The Magic Toy stall was ready to start the business....

According to the info I got, the crime rate here is very low.....
And the peoples here only marry between the villages, that's mean no outsider. It grow towards a big family among them, and it's also an issue to the society.....

Story will be continue......

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