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Monday, January 12, 2009

Kempas Railway Station (KTM), Johor Bahru

Kempas Railway Station (N1°32.183' E103°43.238')
My family and Kenny's family having a day trip by train to Kluang on 4th JAN 2009.
The ticket was MYR13.00 for adult and MYR11.00 for children, train schedule - 8.43am. (From Kempas Railway Station to Kluang Railway Station)

We reached the station on 8.15am, still enough time for us to had our breakfast at the canteen beside the station....hmm, the curry-puff was really nice!

The parking area full of Taxi. I believe that will be safe for daily parking, because all the Taxi driver will monitor your car while they having their break at the canteen.

This staircase will lead to the Kempas Railway Station.

I took my chance to snap some photos around the station...

To the left...

To the right...

The schedule time table for KTM...

After a while, this bell ring! That's mean the train arrive, delay by only 2 minutes only!! That's really impressed us. Because our previous experience was one hour delay!

I never expect that I bought the tickets at the Last cabin of the train. (Yes, seat number provided). Air-condition was cold enough with the seat are comfort! The train was only stop for ONE minute and continue the journey to the north...

The reason of this blur photo above is because of the train moving, not my hand! :) Yeah, I should use the fast shutter setting...

We relax ourself in the train and excited to see the Kluang Railway Station...

Kluang Day Trip 4th JAN 2009 :-
* Kluang Railway Station Coffee, Johor
* Kluang Fire Department, Johor.
* Kluang Bus Terminal, Johor
* Sam Kee BBQ Place, Kluang - Johor


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