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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kluang Railway Station Coffee, Johor

We enjoyed the ride, the train journey took exactly 70 minutes from Kempas to Kluang.
Once the train reached Kluang, the situation surprised me! The station (N2°02.000' E103°19.055') was full of passengers, and I saw we are the only group get down from the train, others were got up to the train and travel to North. (The train only stop for One minute)

You won't be surprise that there are many backpackers on the train...

After one minute, the line was clear!

And the station is back to peace and quite...

Kenny was the first one to 'jump' into the ticket counter to buy the return tickets. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it was unexpected fully booked! Without any choices, we decided to buy Express Bus ticket back to Johor Bahru.

Despite any status of the return ticket, we still need to fill up our stomach at this Famous Kluang Rail Cafe (since 1938). This is one of our purpose to Kluang. It's situated exactly in the Railway Station, and this 'small' cafe was so crowded on the Sunday morning.

The queue at the entrance...

After 15 minutes queue, we managed to get a table. What we did was 'fill' up the table as we can! Haha!

The reason was...we wanna taste everything which sell by the shop! :)
The packs on the table are Nasi Lemak and Mee-Siam. I will advise you to take those mee-siam which is in the plastic container, it was really good! And don't forget to order the Toasted Bread, it's serve with the homemade 'Kaya' and butter...Nice! (Pictures below...)

Mee-Siam in the plastic container.

Toasted Bread. It's grilled on 'charcoal', different taste from those oven toasted. Must try!

Importantly, don't forget to order a cup of the well-known hand roasted coffee. The aroma of the coffee was amazing! You will like it especially if you are a coffee lover.

Beside that, the half boiled eggs is also part of the breakfast.

We were really enjoy our breakfast at this Kluang Railway Cafe. Especially the 2 kids, they having their breakfast without any noise! :)

Some are busy taking photos....and some are busy with their bread...

The face expression from the little girl tell you how good the toasted bread was! She is my little princess...

The cafe is existed since 1938, before the Independence of Malaya. Until now, the third generation of the Lim's family is running the business. The setting is still the same since the cafe started...today, it goes with the name - "Kluang Rail coffee".
The franchise business of this cafe are everywhere within Malaysia today. But many customers still come back here for the original taste of the Coffee & Toasted Bread.

Business Hour :-
Friday to Wednesday
7.00am - 12.00pm
2.30pm - 6.00pm
Close on Thursday

The history of the cafe is witness by the patrons everyday...

The boss is busy brewing the coffee...

I will not say the foods and drinks serve by this cafe is heavenly fantastic, but it's special!
Experience your breakfast at this rustic ambience coffee shop, and don't forget to walk around this simple and classic train station...

Once our stomach full, we continue our journey...

Kluang Day Trip 4th JAN 2009 :-
Kempas Railway Station (KTM), Johor Bahru
* Kluang Fire Department, Johor.

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