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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kluang Fire Department, Johor.

Kluang Fire Station (N2°02.033' E103°19.178')
While we walked towards the Kluang Bus Terminal for Express Bus tickets, we passed by this Fire Station which located at the junction of Jalan Sultanah and Jalan Haji Manan.

Me and Kenny just walk in to take some photos, suddenly alert two fireman from the station and walk toward the gate. We thought, we will be chase out by these two firemans....but unexpectedly, they are so friendly and invite us to walk around the Fire Station, even to be our Tour Guide! We were surprised! (Our first impression for Kluang peoples)

They explained everything within the station, and kind enough to let us go into the trucks.

Inside the Truck.

Life saver.

One of the classic Fire Engine...

The suits...

They even show us the Control Room, and elaborate about their operations...but we cannot enter...

Their organization chart.

I respect them because they are the Hero of the peoples! They save life in every operations!

Our 'Tour Guide'. Salute!!

We continue our walk to the Bus Terminal after the warm welcome from the Kluang Fire Department...

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